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Need For Speed; Undercover

Need For Speed: Undercover


Pros & Cons


TechSpot Metascore

  • Huge area to explore.
  • Great online multiplayer.
  • Impressive car roster.
  • Bad engine.
  • Really boring FMV sequences.

Reviewers Liked

  • Huge area to explore
  • Great online multiplayer
  • Impressive car roster
  • Plenty of cop chases
  • Instantly join races with press of a button
  • Doesn’t take long before you’re driving a cool car

Reviewers Didn’t Like

  • Bad engine
  • Really boring FMV sequences
  • Dull plot
  • Easy AI
  • Lots of quirks and nagging gameplay issues
  • Emulates Most Wanted, but doesn’t necessarily improve upon it
  • Story isn’t much to get excited about

Expert reviews and ratings

Overall, Need for Speed: Undercover is a decent game but it is disappointingly similar to its predecessors. It doesn’t try to break the mold, opting to trim things by focusing on racing rather than plot. The story’s pacing and mixture of.

There are a few series that need no introduction and Need for Speed is one of them. The legendary franchise has sold more than a gazillion copies and is often considered among the best racing games in the history of gaming. But to be honest, I.

Let’s get this out of the way first: Yes, it’s worse than ProStreet. There are three types of people who will want to play this game: NFS fans, driving fans, and people who are just looking to get into the franchise. Of the above, I feel sorry.

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This latest incarnation of Need for Speed harks back to Need for Speed: Most Wanted, as its replete with cop chases and outlandish races. You play an undercover agent who must infiltrate a gang of street racers to bust their smuggling activities -.

Ya can’t really hate it, but it’s hard to really love.

No. No. They were chasing, YOU, pal. After a frantic three seconds, I smashed into the median barrier and was taken down by some rather hands-on SWAT members. That was the intro — getting my arse handed to me in two pieces. The prologue is short and.

This latest in EA’s undying street racing series teaches us that there’s nothing that can’t be solved by high-speed racing. This is a crass game – which would be fine if it would admit it. It shares much with EA’s other.

For the most part, the reaction to the last few Need for Speed games was the same: «Why arent they more like Need for Speed Most Wanted?» «Where are the cheesy cutscenes and the over-the-top cop chases?» It seems as if EA heard those cries, because.

Need for Speed returns to its roots with hokey cutscenes, wild cop chases, and solid racing action.

With high hopes from the previous Need for Speed (NFS) game, Prostreet, I was looking forward to reviewing the newest installment of the series. I was expecting EA to continue in much of the same fashion as before; track racing, with a more realistic.

Black Box and EA are back at it with yet another edition of Need for Speed (NFS). This time, we’re going Undercover to unravel the mysterious link between street racing toughs and arms dealers. Undercover tries to get back to the days of NFS: Most.

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By Alfred SiewIF THERE is one reason to keep playing Need For Speed: Undercover, it is because you get to see more of Maggie Q.The sexy actress of Mission Impossible III and Die Hard 4.0 plays a cop going after a bunch of street racers and, in the.

Nachdem Need for Speed: Pro Street einen vergleichsweise untypischen NfS-Stil hatte, ist EA mit Need for Speed: Undercover wieder mit Action zum Underground-Stil auf normalen Straßen zurückgekehrt. Wie bei Need for Speed: Most Wanted gibt es.

Was ist mit der „Need for Speed“-Serie nur los? Sie hat ihren Zenit schon lange überschritten? Sollte EA wirklich überlegen die Serie einzustellen? „Undercover“ kann auf keinem Gebiet mit Top-Rennspielen wie „Race.

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