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Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind Cheats

Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind Cheats

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Table of contents

Morrowind PC Cheat Codes

To activate the below cheat codes, press the tilde (

) key to display the developer console and type a cheat code at the prompt.

Cheat CodeEffect
setflying 1Enable Flight Mode.
setsuperjump 1Enable super jumps.
setwaterwalking 1Walk on water.
setwaterbreathing 1Breathe underwater.
setlevel [number]Set the player’s level to the specified number.
additem «Gold_100» [number]Add indicated amount of gold to your inventory.
setfatigue [number]Set maximum fatigue value.
setmagicka [number]Set maximum magic value.
sethealth [number]Set the player’s health.
centeroncell -or- coc [cell ID]Place character in the named cell.
centeronexterior -or- coe [x,y]Place character in exterior cell grid.
createmaps [«filename.esp»]Create map image file for Xbox.
filljournalAdd all entries to the journal.
fillmapShow all towns on the full map.
fixmeTeleport 128 units from location.
getfactionreaction [faction ID]Get faction reaction.
helpShow help commands.
showvars -or- svShow variables.
stopcelltest -or- sctStop cell test.
testcells -or- tcTest cells.
testinteriorcells -or- ticTest interior cells.
testmodels -or- t3dTest models.
toggleai -or- taToggle AI.
toggleborders -or- tbToggle borders.
togglecombatstats -or- tcsToggle combat statistics.
togglecollision -or- tclToggle collisions.
togglecollisionboxes -or- tcbToggle collision boxes.
togglecollisiongrid -or- tcgToggle collision grid.
toggledebugtext -or- tdtToggle debug text.
toggledialoguestats -or- tdsToggle dialogue statistics.
togglefogofwar -or- tfowToggle fog of war.
togglegodmode -or- tgmToggle God Mode.
togglegrid -or- tgToggle grid.
togglekillstats -or- tksToggle kill statistics.
toggleloadfadeToggle load fade.
togglemagicstats -or- tmsToggle magic statistics.
togglemenus -or- tmToggle menus.
tpgToggle path grid.
togglescriptsToggle scripts.
togglestats -or- tstToggle stats.
togglesky -or- tsToggle sky.
toggletexturestring -or- ttsToggle texture string.
togglewireframe -or- twfToggle wireframe.
toggleworld -or- twToggle world.
togglefullhelp -or- tfhShow ownership and script name.
sgShow selected actor’s party.
stShow selected actor’s targets.
showscenegraph -or- ssgShow scene graph.
motoOne to one mode.
twaToggle water/no water.
tvmToggle vanity mode.
tsoToggle script output.
tlfToggle load fade.
taiToggle bot AI.
oriDisplay output info.
tlToggle lighting.
svShow variables.
saShow animations.
raReset enemies, NPCs, and players.
ptPurge textures.
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