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Luigi Cave World 3: Луиджи в пещерном мире 3игры

Luigi Cave World 3: Луиджи в пещерном мире 3игры

Settle the idle frontier!

Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards

It’s a Throwdown! Your favorite animated shows together in one amazing CCG!

AdVenture Capitalist

Rags to Riches! Arguably the world’s greatest Capitalism simulator!

Bit Heroes

Classic RPG Goodness! Explore a retro Dungeon Crawler with Global PvP!

AdVenture Communist

AdVenture Communist! The best clicky idle game ever made by human beings, probably!

Pocket Politics

Build your Political Empire! The best democracy money can buy!

Trexels 2

BOLDLY GO! Gather your crew and seek out new life and new civilizations.

The Trail

Set forth! Explore, craft, collect, trade, and discover!

Office Space: Idle Profits

Hate your job? Take down the man in Office Space: Idle Profits!

BattleHand Heroes

Calling all Super Heroes! Save the world from Omega!

Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre

Burrito Bison is back! Stop the gummy nation from taking over the world!

Super Fancy Pants Adventure

Here comes Super Fancy Pants Man! Run. Jump. Slide. Be Fancy!


Stunning 3D Graphics! Recruit an army of legendary heroes to take to victory!


Bounty Hunters Wanted! Capture ancient and powerful creatures!

Idle Payday: Fast Money

Rise to the top of the business world, and earn limitless cash!

Tyrant Unleashed

Slaughter Your Foes! Create an army and massacre your foes!

Alpha Squad 5

A storm is coming. Alpha Squad 5 is now recruiting commanders.

Tinker Island

Survive on a desert island! Only you can help the survivors escape…

Realm Grinder

Good or Evil: Benevolent King or a Cruel Tyrant?

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Run. Do not slow down. Do not fall off. Do not give up.

Little Alchemist

Cute ‘n Clever! Addictive combo of spell crafting and strategic combat!

Crossword Safari: Word Hunt

Fresh and fun new word game! Spell words, earn stars, and unlock new adventures!

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