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Загрузить Driftland: The Magic Revival Demo


“Driftland: The Magic Revival is a bit of a unique beast, being an RTS in the old mould of ‘build stuff in real time and send units around to do war’ Age of Empires style, but with several tweaks that makes anything but the basic buildings unrecognisable.”

“It’s a gentle gardening game where you nurture a city into existence, lassoing new districts with magic as you expand. The lack of micromanagement also lets you concentrate on casting magic spells. You can fireball bridges and then steal islands from other factions, or carve up an enemy force with a lightning storm, or a tornado, or both. It’s an odd mashup of Populus, Dungeon Keeper and Warcraft in a colourful setting”
PC Gamer

“I had a good time with the floating islands of Driftland, and its indirect control scheme is well compensated by a great AI and a smooth UI. After an adjustment period, I saw how this game could be very relaxing while keeping a tight control on the flow of a huge empire.”

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