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The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 4

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 4

The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel 4 — заключительная часть великой ролевой саги The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold. Подробнее

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This guide was originally written for the Japanese version of the game, though I have updated names based on the official English localization. Thus, if you notice that I have provided what seems like unnecessarily specific instructions (e.g., «top choice to continue,» when you can see quite clearly for yourself that the top choice says «continue») it is not because I think you don’t know how to read but because the instructions were intended for players who might not have known how to read Japanese. Thanks for your understanding and I hope you will find my guide useful.

Welcome to my walkthrough of Sen no Kiseki IV: The End of Saga, also known as Trails of Cold Steel IV. This guide is for players who can’t wait for the English localization and who might need a little help navigating the game in Japanese. Please note that this is not a translation; it is a gameplay guide only. If you would like a translation of events, I highly recommend Kitsune547’s spreadsheet available at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1E0FLBMlc9Mkr23u3peS2zFw64owS94zExUfWNtugV8A/edit#gid=0.

If you played the previous Cold Steel games, especially CSIII, then a lot of what’s in IV will be familiar to you already. If you haven’t played them, you should really do that before tackling this one, because otherwise you’re not going to know what’s going on or who anybody is. But if you’re really determined to start the series with the final installment, this guide should be able to help you get through it.

Navigating the Game

CSIV is fairly player-friendly in providing navigation icons. This is helpful if you don’t want to bother figuring out what building or road you’re supposed to be going to and just want to check the minimap, which shows:

  • red ! for main story events
  • green ! for subquests
  • yellow ! for bonding events
  • green star for subevents
  • blue star for other notable locations/people/items, such as:
    • missable books
    • landscape photo sites
    • minigame opponents, etc.
  • orbment charging stations (blue sparkly thing)
  • a gear for devices that need to be manipulated to open paths in dungeons
  • a fish for fishing locations
  • opened treasure chests, and unopened treasure chests if you have the Moon Lens (月鏡) or Yata no Kagami (sacred mirror, 八咫鏡) quartz equipped

Expand the minimap with the Down button on the D-Pad.

Fast travel is available from almost all areas (including building interiors and inside dungeons) by pressing the Square button. As far as icons, the fast travel map only indicates where main story events take place, with a red ! on any location name which has required events.

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I’ve included the Japanese names in some, but not all areas. It would be helpful for you to be able to recognize katakana and at least the kanji for cardinal directions just to make navigating the in-game maps much faster (instead of having to compare the guide and map text every time).

For business establishments I have not included the Japanese at all. This is because every store, inn, etc. in the game has a very large sign over the entrance with the name of the place in English. I figure it’s faster for you to just walk around and look at the signs in English rather than peering at the guide and trying to match the JP name to the text on the minimap. You’ll memorize where all the stores are after a few visits, anyway; none of the town areas are that big. (Actually there are two exceptions I found, and I do include the JP for those two places.)

Finally, when you select a location on the fast travel map it will display a snapshot of the selected destination. This can also be a quicker way to navigate than by deciphering the JP names.

I did not include the Japanese for any of the principal characters’ names. I’m assuming you played CSIII and know what everybody looks like. If I get a lot of complaints about this I’ll consider updating the names, so send me a PM if you want that.

If you don’t want to click through the (many, sometimes lengthy) scenes, you have several options:

  • tap R1 to auto-advance through dialogue at normal speed
    • this is pretty slow if there’s unvoiced dialogue
  • tap L1 to fast-forward automatically through scenes at very high speed
  • hold X to fast-forward manually through scenes at moderately high speed

You can also skip scenes entirely by pressing Options +

  • Triangle to skip the rest of the current scene
  • Square to skip the current scene and any following

Also, the NA version of CSIV has added High-Speed Mode. Push the left side of the touchpad to toggle it off and on.

Combat commands are the same as in CSIII. Note that this guide is based on a JP-region game, so O is confirm and X is cancel. If you are playing the NA-region PS4 game, these buttons will always be swapped (except in the fishing minigame for some reason).

  • D-Pad
    • Up: Orders
    • Right: swap current attack member with a backup party member
    • Down: escape (not possible in all battles)
    • Left: items
  • Buttons
    • Triangle: crafts
    • O: attack with weapon
    • X: move around battlefield (L stick to choose destination, O to confirm)
    • Square: arts

What This Guide Contains

If you follow the walkthrough exactly, you will complete the game and receive most of the trophies for collectibles, including quests, treasure chests, character notes (assuming you choose all bonding events which update them), books, recipes, fishing, Pom! and VM minigames, landscape photos, Master Quartz, Lost Arts, Trial Chests, S ranking a chapter, maximum academic and Thors rank, and some bonding trophies (getting all bonding trophies requires two playthroughs).

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What This Guide Does Not Contain

This is what I’m calling a “lite” walkthrough. It’s complete, but there’s not a lot of hand-holding. Here are some things it doesn’t include:

  • Battle strategy, equipment/quartz setup
    • again, if you’ve played the other games, this is exactly the same
    • if you don’t read much Japanese, I recommend playing on Easy or Very Easy, at least for your first playthrough, so that you can make it through the battles without having to worry too much about your setup; if you’re aiming for the platinum trophy, since it requires two playthroughs anyway, save your Nightmare run for the second playthrough when you can carry over levels, equipment, quartz, etc.
  • Exact directions over roads or in dungeons
    • just follow the ! quest markers or star event icons and/or use the Square map to teleport
    • some dungeons require you to flip switches or examine a terminal to open/move paths, but you should be able to get through these just by exploring
  • Maps, pictures
    • instead of a map to show treasure chest locations, I include total number of chests you should have at various checkpoints in the game. There is a new feature in the game, a chest counter which keeps a running total of chests collected (displayed on Rean’s ID card in the notebook). This makes it easy to see if you’ve missed any chests so far
  • Lists of equipment and items
  • Combat trophy recommendations, e.g., win 100 battles, use Rush 100 times
    • just use all the tools the game gives you and these should accumulate naturally
    • there is no trophy for canceling arts this time
  • Minigame (VM, Pom!) strategy
    • the guide lists where all the opponents are, but winning the games is up to you

Bonding Events

Finally, some explanation of bonding events and the new romance mechanic. As in CSIII, friendship (bond) level and combat link level are accumulated and tracked separately. Friendship is increased primarily through bonding events. You can also send gifts to increase it, and you earn a small amount from winning against your friends the first time in VM and Pom!

Once bonding events become available, you will receive a limited number of bonding points each day. Only some of your companions will have events on that day and during a first playthrough you will not have enough points to see all of them. The events and points expire when your free action for the day ends; you cannot save unused points for another day.

Rean can choose to romance pretty much any of the girls, including his sister and his underage students. Exceptions are Duvalie and the cat (sorry). He can only officially commit to one girl in the end, though.

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Romance status is tracked separately with two little heart icons on the friendship chart (top level of character menu in the notebook). For each romanceable girl, two of her bond events also function as “special memories.” You can identify these by a tiny heart icon along with the yellow ! which indicates a regular bonding event when you view the Square map.

You must do both special memory events (two hearts) and have max friendship (five stars) with a girl in order to trigger her final romance event toward the end of the game.

If you choose not to do the first heart event, then what would have been the second heart event will not be marked with a heart and it will not be a special memory. It will be basically the same event, but without any romantic overtones.

Bonding Trophies
You must view the romance scene to get the bonding trophy for all romanceable girls. (Don’t forget you can fast-forward with L1, or skip scenes with Options then Triangle or Square if you prefer not to witness Rean initiating inappropriate relationships.)

There is a single trophy for maxing all guys (i.e. viewing all their final bonding events) in the same playthrough. Celine and Duvalie also have a trophy together.

Note for completionists: there are not enough bonding points in the first playthrough to both max everyone and obtain all character notes. Personally, during the first playthrough I prioritize events which update character notes so that I can get those out of the way; since you can choose to have unlimited bonding points during the second playthrough, it’s easy to pick up any remaining bonding trophies then. However you prefer to go about it, two playthroughs are required in order to earn all trophies.

You can buy/trade for gifts for all your party members and some other characters to raise their friendship and gain some benefits. Permanent party members will receive a moderate stat boost (+15 to two stats) and Rean will receive a small boost (+2 to the same stats). Non-playable characters (e.g., Towa) and guest party members (e.g., Randy) will reciprocate with either a stat boost or a unique accessory.

Gifts will appear at or near the top of a merchant’s inventory list and have as their icon a little yellow bag tied with a red ribbon. Once you’ve purchased the gift you send it directly from the Item menu. Select the gift you want to send with O and then the top option to “use” it. If it was sent there will be a little dialogue with the recipient and you’ll receive your reward. Occasionally Rean will say it’s not the right time and won’t send it. This just means you should try again later.

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