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WWE 2K17: Таблица для Cheat Engine UPD: BraveKingDave

WWE 2K20

Post by rambo99jose » Tue Oct 22, 2019 6:25 am

Game Version: 1.08
Last table update: 20200330_v4


  • No ticket cost (to buy RNG packs)
  • Unlimited Open Pack UPDATED (with speedhack x20) (disable when done)
  • Unlimited Attribute Points (+ optional kickstarter pointer)
  • Unlimited SKill Points (+ optional kickstarter pointer)
  • Unlimited Reward Points (+optional pointer)

. NOTES |:.

  • Managed to find momentum but ends up affecting other players, maybe someone can figure it out. It’s just a float decimal for the percent

Re: WWE 2K20

Post by YB1834 » Tue Oct 22, 2019 1:35 pm

Re: WWE 2K20

Post by Kingkrool2002 » Tue Oct 22, 2019 3:25 pm

Awesome! You rock!

Any chance you could add a cheat that unlocks all the weapon skins and caw outfits too? It seems as though some of them are unlocked by progressing through the single player modes. I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

Re: WWE 2K20

Post by rambo99jose » Tue Oct 22, 2019 4:45 pm

Awesome! You rock!

Any chance you could add a cheat that unlocks all the weapon skins and caw outfits too? It seems as though some of them are unlocked by progressing through the single player modes. I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

Re: WWE 2K20

Post by Shelby7 » Tue Oct 22, 2019 7:36 pm

Re: WWE 2K20

Post by PeterKunc » Tue Oct 22, 2019 7:43 pm

Last table update: 20191022_v3
Game version: CDX (20191021)


  • No ticket cost (to buy RNG packs)
  • Unlimited Open Pack (so you can use a macro to open boxes while AFK )
  • Unlimited Attribute Points (+ optional kickstarter pointer)
  • Unlimited SKill Points (+ optional kickstarter pointer)
  • Unlimited Reward Points (+optional pointer)

. NOTES |:.

  • Managed to find momentum but ends up affecting other players, maybe someone can figure it out. It’s just a float decimal for the percent

WWE 2K17 Save Editor

I’am releasing my mod tool today an it’s free of charge the only thing I ask for is to support me by liking / thanking me

— Edit Wrestler Name(Wrestlers Only)
— Edit Commentary Wrestler Name(Wrestlers Only)
— Edit Crowd to Cheer! or Boo!
— Edit Genders
— Edit Weight Classes
— Edit Height Values(Wrestlers Only)
— Edit Exhibition Brands
— Edit Universe Brands
— Edit Playable Type
— Edit Allies *5
— Edit Enemies *5
— Edit Abilities *8
— Edit Caw Name
— Edit Caw Entrance Name
— Edit Caw Social Account Name
— Edit Caw Abbreviated Name
— Edit Alternate Attire(By using a wrestler’s name ID you can assign the selected caw to that wrestler’s attire to be used as an alternate attire)
— Edit Use Alternate Attire(Enable or Disable the attire to be used or not to be used)
— Edit if the Caw is Downloaded or not
— Edit if the caw can be Reuploaded or not(Editable)
— Copy / Paste from Wrestlers / Caws(You can’t copy from a wrestler to a caw and you can’t copy from a caw to a wrestler)

You can also unlock everything

— Edit Stable Name
— Edit Stable Short Name
— Edit Members *5
— Edit Stable Size
— Edit Entrance Order
— Edit Entrance Type
— Edit Stage Movie Display
— Edit Tag / Trio Motions
— Edit Tag / Trio Ribbon Movies
— Edit Tag / Trio Movies
— Edit Tag / Trio Musics
— Edit Stable Finishers *4
— Copy / Paste from stables
— Set Stable to Default
— Delete Stable

— Edit Title Name
— Edit Title Short Name
— Edit Exhibition Champ
— Edit Exhibition Tag Champ
— Edit Universe Champ
— Edit Universe Tag Champ
— Edit Title Design
— Edit Title Type
— Edit Order Index
— Edit Front Plate Color
— Edit Left Plate Color
— Edit Right Plate Color
— Edit Strap Color
— Edit Front Plate Logos *5
— Edit Left Plate Logos *5
— Edit RIght Plate Logos *5
— Copy / Paste
— Set Title to Default
— Vacant Title

Читать еще:  WWE 2K17 «Animation Pack MOD»

—Version 1.3—

— Edit Easy / Advanced Entrances
— Edit Intro,Stage,Ramp,Ring-In,Ring Motions
— Edit Intro,Stage,Ramp,Ring-In,Ring Pyros & their Timelines
— Edit Intro,Stage,Ramp,Ring-In,Ring Lighting
— Edit Intro,Stage,Ramp,Ring-In,Ring Screen Effects & their Timelines
— Edit Intro,Stage,Ramp,Ring-In,Ring Nameplate Timelines
— Edit Intro,Stage,Ramp,Ring-In,Ring *4 Cameras & their Timelines

Match Rules Editor —

— Edit Post Match Replay
— Edit Interference
— Edit Momentum Bar Charge Speed
— Edit Ring Type
— Edit Pin And Give Up
— Edit 2 Out Of 3 Falls
— Edit Iron Man
— Edit Over The Top Rope
— Edit K.O.
— Edit Last Man Standing
— Edit Finisher Match (Perform Finisher To Win)
— Edit First Blood
— Edit Flaming Table(Table Match Only)
— Edit Climb Out Of The Cage (Cage Match Only)
— Edit Escape Through Door (Cage Match Only)
— Edit D.Q.
— Edit Ring Out
— Edit Falls Count Anywhere
— Edit Weapon Slot 1
— Edit Weapon Slot 2
— Edit Weapon Slot 3
— Edit Weapon Slot 4
— Edit Rope Break
— Edit Elimination
— Edit Time Limit
— Copy / Paste Matches
— Set Match to Default

— Added some code for the Stable Finishers so you can now save hidden values

— Added Moveset Editor

— Edit Standard Actions /Ect.(This editor will have you spending hours on working on an awesome moveset or a hacked moveset if you like having fun)
— Edit & Search for Values
— Added a UI for options to copy
— Added some buttons to copy Info,Movesets,Entrances

—Version 1.6—
— Added some coding for the caws to save properly
— Fixed an issue with the caws not saving properly
— Added a fix button(You can now edit while you have your save opened in horizon so you don’t need to close the tool for your save to compress)
— Fixed an issue where the caw Name,Entrance Name,Social Name,Abbreviated Name were not getting stored correctly

—Version 1.7—
— Fixed some major saving issues with Wrestlers & Caws
— Added multiple options for the Copier(Wrestlers)
— Added the option to copy from any Wrestler & Caw
— Fixed the Default button for the Wrestlers & Caws
— Fixed the storing issue with the Entrance Music & Added a max number
— Corrected the values for The Fabulous Freebirds & The Wyatt Family 1 & Added The Wyatt Family 1.0 to the drop downs
— Removed the Stable Finishers(Need more research)
— Added the option to copy from any Title & Custom Titles
— Removed the Fix button(You can just press the Save Button & it will compress your save)
— When you load up your save my tool automatically makes a backup for you
— Added 2 files(Block 1,Block 2 they both are for reading the default values DO NOT MOD THEM IN ANYWAY or your default values will be wrong)
— Fixed multiple typos
— Removed caws from the copy dropdown(Because they have different offsets)
— Fixed where if you copy any title info the color would not store properly

—Version 1.8—
— Fixed some issues with storing custom title colors
— Added Current Titles / How many they have
— Added Current Tag Teams / How many they are in

How to use the WWE 2K17 Save Editor:

1). Open up Horizon or whatever you use to mod games
2). Find your save
3). Right click and extract it
4). Open my tool
5). Mod whatever you want
6). Close my mod tool(If you don’t your save might get corrupted, because your save needs to be compressed back else the mods wont work)
7). Go back to Horizon
8). Right click on your save
9). Click inject file
10). Find your Cas File that you want to modify
11). Right click and extract it
12). Open my tool with the Cas File
13). Mod what you want like normal
14). When done click Extract Cas File
15). Hex edit what you want
16). When done click Replace Cas File
17). Enjoy your mods:)

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If your having trouble with the archive then read this by FuzzBallDog-
so just so people are aware. I was having issues downloading the winrar archive file. apparently for some reason(maybe laughing clown upgraded to the newest winrar version. ) but i had to upgrade to the newest version of winrar to fix the problem. now that i did that i can download his program off of the link in the OP

For those of you downloading my WWE 2K17 Save Editor click the link below
NEW! Save Editor Version 1.8

You need to disable your firewall then add this to tool to your antivirus as an accepted app.
because for some reason your antivirus will think this is a virus I assure you it’s not.

Let me know if there are some issues you may run into

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Last edited by TheLaughingClown; 08-29-2019 at 10:43 PM .

I’m TheLaughingClown I laugh when I destroy someone on a game, I’m former xA0Vx Member: xA0Vx SYCOxGRIM

WWE 2K19releases 10/718

WWE 2K17 Promo Engine: Full Details & Tutorial

Anyone who has watched even 10 minutes of WWE programming knows that talking and charisma are just as important as in-ring skills. With the debut of the brand new Promo Engine in WWE 2K17, players are now able to experience this vital aspect of sports entertainment.

The WWE 2K17 Promo Engine lets the WWE Superstars express their thoughts and emotions, and also call out or respond to a rival during shows both in WWE Universe and MyCareer Modes. Beating your rival on the mic will provide boosts to VC and popularity.

Below, you find everything you need to know about the WWE 2K17 Promo Engine, how it works and a tutorial on how to get the best out of it every time you cut a Promo.

Promo Types

Promos in WWE 2K17 come in 6 different types:

  • Self-Promotion: A monologue promo with the goal of increasing popularity. You might get interrupted by another Superstar, engaging in a «promo battle».
  • Call Out: You call out a Superstar for a «promo battle». This is a way to start a rivalry with someone. There is a chance the Superstar may decide to not come out.
  • Turn Face: You can only do this type of promo when your Heel meter is very low.
  • Turn Heel: You can only do this type of promo when your Face meter is very low.
  • Form Tag-Team: You call out a Superstar to form a Tag Team.
  • Break-up Tag-Team: You call out a Tag partner to break-up your team.

NB: Obviously all the promos are not voiced over but they are text-based, in order to have as much dialogue variety as possible regardless of who are the Superstars involved.

Choices & Time Meter

During a Promo, you have four dialogue options to choose from for each time you speak, and the crowd will react differently based on what you pick. If your promo involves a rival, they do the same, and so on until one of you delivers the last word.

You have a limited amount of time, represented by a time meter, to decide what you want to say in each “node”. Make sure to act quickly, not selecting a statement before the timer runs out will cause you to trip on your words and embarrass yourself.

Be Consistent — Cut a Cohesive Promo

You gain bonus points for putting together a cohesive promo. This means not switching back and forth between getting the crowd behind you and getting them to boo you. However, sometimes it’s hard to tell which choice triggers a Face or a Heel reaction, the game unfortunately doesn’t help you distinguishing them with Face/Heel colors. You gain large bonus points for picking a direction and trying to stick with it.

Promo Performance HUD

As you make choices throughout your promo, a performance meter will show how effective your words are with the audience. The top bar will turn blue when the crowd approves of your promo, or it will turn red when they disapprove. The goal is to get a strong reaction by filling the bar as much as possible in either color. It also shows how your promo is changing your face or heel rating.

Crowd Types

There are four different crowd types: Family-friendly, Hardcore, Respectful and Disrespectful. On any given night, the crowd can be any of these four crowd types, but the game doesn’t always reveal to you which is it, so it has to be a guesswork sometimes.

Читать еще:  WWE 2K17: Таблица для Cheat Engine [UPD: 11.02.2017] Heesano

Different crowds like different types of promos. To score big, you have to match your choices with the crowd type. You can also win by doing the opposite and trying to get a strong negative reaction from the crowd.

Mic Performance Attribute

The new Mic Performance Attribute dictates a number of things during a promo: it allows you get higher scores, talk longer and slows the timer during any given promo.

Mic Skill Abilities

You can hold R2 to access your Mic Abilities. Depending on whether they are assigned to your character or not, the abilities available are:

  • Brawl: Attack the opponent during a Promo and transition into a Brawl.
  • Taunt: Gain some time to think about what choice to make next during a Promo.
  • Stare Down: Temporarily reduce the amount of points the opponent can earn during the next node of Promo.

Last Word

The “last word” display lets you know when a promo is about to end. Use this to your advantage and try to get the highest score possible.

Promo Results Screen

Once finished, the Promo Results Screen gives you information on how you did on your promo. The promo meter shows you exactly how excited the WWE Universe was during your promo.

You can either get a positive or negative reaction from the crowd, and you win a promo by getting a stronger reaction than your opponent. Whether the reaction is positive or negative does not matter, just as long as your meter is higher than your opponent you will win. Your goal is to get the strongest reaction from the WWE Universe.

Делай три

Теперь в таблице выберете эти два значения, нажмите на них правой кнопкой мыши и проследуйте по пути “Изменить ” – “Значение”.

И устанавливайте нужное вам. Например, 10000. Теперь возвращайтесь в игру, и вуаля – теперь количество золота у вас равно десяти тысячам. Таким же образом вы можете изменять любые другие значения в любых играх. Удачи в экспериментах!

Отменить ответ

можно ли взломать рр3 одиночную

Это подробная инструкция как искать значения, с этим любой школьник справится, а как на счет поиска указателей? отвечу на все вопросы связанные с онлайн играми, их нельзя взломать, так как все данные хранятся на сервере, а Cheat Engine ищет значения у вас на компьютере…

А для чего вообще эта и подобные проги . для чего тогда вообще играть .

Возьмём crysis 2.
Для взлома энергии выбирается “Float”
Для взлома нанокатализаторов выбирается “4 Bit”
для чего остальные параметры?

Всё прекрасно работает в оффлайн играх! Единственно что у меня всё на англоязыке. Но разобраться не трудно.

короче как я понял со спартой война империй не прокатит

Спасибо очень помог. У меня версия 6.7 (bit-32)

На Асфальт 8 работал год назад, а теперь пробую сейчас на GTR2 не работает…

очень круто что можна взамать ворлд оф танкс

Делал всё по указанной инструкции, но новое значение так и не устанавливается.
Может после вписки нового значения нужно ещё что то нажать.

Господи, малолетние знатоки делятся опытом. Делай раз… Ума хватило только на поиск точных известных значений, которые не задаются иными адресами и не меняют адресов. Между тем как полнейший тутор на английском приложен к программе, но только на английском.А на таком уровне пользования это все равно что программой Photoshop контрастность подкручивать, а 3DMax’ом объемный текст набирать.

Докладываю, последнее время полно игр, в которых найденное вами значение можно будет изменить – и вы даже увидите изменения на экране, как вы накидали, к примеру очков навыков вместо 5 95 – да только вот незадача – это лишь “ярлык” для вашего ознакомления, а записываются значения в него командой из другого адреса. И изменив этот ярлык вы по факту в игре ничего не измените (так и будет у вас пять очков навыков) и при следующем игровом изменении это число/показатель вернется к “родному” значению.

Так что делай раз – учи английский. Делай два – читай тутор от нормальных, шарящих людей. Хотя там на середине придется делать три – изучать основы ассемблера )))

можно ли игру Crossout взломать (сетевую) ?

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