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Final Fantasy 7 «New character models»

Final Fantasy 7 «New character models»

New charachter models

Мод предтсавляет собой некий баланс между оригинальными моделями персонажей и артами
Номуры 97 года, боевых, полевых и моделей мира:
гг, оружие, техника и т.д. (ну. для чего были арты. остальное моя импровизация).

1. Установка через 7th heaven. версии 98г. и версии Steam с даунгрейдом до версии 98г. через «Game Converter»
1.1. первый способ.
Установите 7th Heaven.
Следуйте инструкция с сайта Qhimm
Далее во вкладке WorkshopGeneral SettingsSubstrictions добавьте строку «iros://Url/http$pastebin.com/raw.php?i=QBGsgGK6».
1.2. второй способ.
Скачайте архив и распакуйте его
Откройте 7th heaven далее вкладку Library и в правом верхнем углу кнопку Import..From IRO archive и выберете распакованный IRO файл (мод должен появиться в вашем списке модов).
2. Установка через UnLGP/Lgp Tools. любая версия игры
2.1. Скачайте Lgp/UnLgp Tools
Скопируйте файл Battle.lgp в любое удобное место на диске (в папку data/battle), он находиться по пути:
для Стим версии: SteamLibrarysteamappscommonFINAL FANTASY VIIdatabattle
для версии 98 или 12 года: в папке с игрой data/battle
Скачайте архив,и распакуйте его.
Откройте Lgp/UnLgp Tools от имени администратора, далее укажите путь до вашей папки data куда вы копировали battle.lgp например «С:data. (очень важно следите что бы не было в пути datadata).
Далее Ставим галку напротив unlgp battle.lgp и жмем «next». ждем распаковки файлов.
По завершению получаем папку с названием battle.lgp и в нее закидываем файлы мода (только файлы внутри папок типа АААА.hrs, а не сами папки)
Когда все готово снова запускаем Lgp/UnLgp Tools и теперь ставим галку напротив rebuild battle.lgp и ждем запаковки архива.
Получившийся архив battle.lgp закидываем в папку с игрой и играем.
Не забывайте сохранять оригинальные файлы которые заменяете,что бы не пришлось переустанавливать игру, если захотите откатить обновления.

Официальная страница мода все последние обновления, и еще немного вы сможете найти там.

petalSoft — first 7th heaven pack
shiniboy, Tsunamods — field/world models, dynamic weapon etc.
PRP — tiny bronco model
Mirex — Biturn 0.85
Borde — Kimera 0.97b

Final Fantasy 7 «New character models»

to anyone who will play this now. do not turn on cloud sync saving. it’s so unreliable.

also the email confirmation thing is a pain in the ♥♥♥. here is how i got around it.
-create your square enix account beforehand, on your browser
-then on the square enix page, go to account settings and link your steam account to your square enix account

this way you automatically login and you do not have to confirm you login via email that never will be received

overall. it’s FFVII. classic game. probably one of the best games every made. you get what you pay for.
If you wanna go down memory lane and have some nostalgia trips. or just wanna play since the remake isn’t finished yet. then go right ahead

sidenote: I literally bought this hours before they put it on sale.

I wish people would review the actual port instead of going «hurr ps1 classic 10/10»

As it stands the game has a launcher that asks you to sign up to the Square Enix servers and atm (I’m guessing because of the sale and the high number of people trying to play) I’m not getting a confirmation email in order to actually play.

And this is for a 20+ year old game.

Why does it need a launcher and why does it need an online registration?

EDIT: I got the thing working. Everyone seems to have their own method to make it work but I’ll copy and paste mine because maybe it’ll help somebody out. Try it out and tell me if it works:

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1) Open launcher
2) Press the button on the top right to sign up
3) Create account
4) Once created press on the top right icon to bring a top down menu
5) Select linked accounts
6) Go to the bottom; there are several possible websites to link to, like Steam, Facebook, Twitch, etc.
7) One of them is a big icon that says SQUARE ENIX ACCOUNT — FINAL FANTASY XI — FINAL FANTASY XIV
8) Press that one, it will take you to another SE page to sign up. Sign up here AGAIN
9) Follow the steps, it’s a standard registration fare. At the end it will send an email. I received this email IMMEDIATELY. Open it and follow the confirmation process
10) After doing all of that I finally managed to get the launcher going

Keep in mind, not even linking my steam account worked, but the steps above did give me access to the game. Try it out and tell me if it works, if it does I can make a guide or whatever

(there’s also the chance that it might’ve all been a coincidence and the servers just started working again after doing all that)

I’m still leaving my negative review because ♥♥♥♥ having this kind of cancerous DRM for a port of a 20+ game.

What we want from the Final Fantasy 7 remake

By Tom Senior 17 June 2015

After years of fan clamour, Square Enix is recreating Final Fantasy 7. This is not a drill. This isn’t a HD upgrade. It’s is a «remake». That implies a modern engine, new character models, rebuilt environments, and more. The debut trailer revealed little, except that Midgar is somewhere you still probably don’t want to live, but we’re promised more details this winter.

Square Enix has also been cagey about release plans, but more and more Final Fantasy games have been coming to PC of late, including a 2013 digital release and a 2014 Steam release of the original game itself. But what would a remake of this vast RPG entail? Here’s what we’d like to see them keep and expand in a fully featured from-the-ground-up recreation of Final Fantasy 7.

The world we love on a massive scale

Final Fantasy 7 sends you to space and back. You visit the tallest mountains, dig into ancient craters, explore the seabed, poke about in ancient ruins, explore forests, fight in deserts and chat to locals in 15 different towns across multiple continents. The world is huge, and the remake will have to be too if it’s going to capture the magic of the original.

Evidently, remaking such a beast is no easy task. Final Fantasy 7 was an expensive project at the time, but now audiences demand a far higher fidelity from environments and characters. FF7’s little lego men aren’t going to cut it, and the low-fi, heavily abstracted world map looks increasingly outmoded in this era of luscious open wold games. A direct remake detailed enough to meet modern trends seems like a staggeringly difficult task, so the big question is: what will the remake keep, and what will it throw out? Would you play a truncated version of the game if it looked like the CGI shot above?

A quirky sense of humour

Final Fantasy 7 has a reputation for being gloomier than its siblings. Cloud is always sad; Midgar is grim; and your spend the first phase of the adventure examining the aftermath of Sephiroth’s brutal killing spree. Taken as a whole, however, Final Fantasy 7’s world is bright and colourful, and full of quirky NPCs. Everyone remembers doing squat thrusts to earn the best wig in Wall Market’s cross dressing quest. The gold saucer is a glittering monument to the cartoon silliness that FF7 secretly loves. One of the most dangerous enemies in the game is a small tortoise with a knife; it’s joyously bonkers.

I hope all that makes it into the remake. The 2005 CGI film sequel, Advent Children, opted for a washed-out, gritty vibe to match Cloud’s brooding mindset. There are echoes of that in the E3 2015 CGI teaser. Hopefully things brighten up once you leave Midgar.

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A remastered score

Nobuo Uematsu’s terrific MIDI score was hampered by shoddy implementation on PC. Parts of the soundtrack received a makeover for Advent Children, but a grungy guitar-heavy slant smothered Uematsu’s melodies. A faithful rendition could sound incredible: One Winged Angel deserves a beastly orchestra and the eerie bleeps and whirrs of Mako reactor could sound even stranger on modern synths. It’d pay not to throw out the guitars entirely, however. Paired with a Hammond organ and a live drum kit they could make good work of FF7’s boss fight theme.

Glorious materia

It’s impossible to get rid of materia entirely without significantly altering the story, but I hope it’s still a major part of the combat system. Materia is a crystalline substance that you can slot into armour and weapons to channel spells. Linked slots create reactive combinations between crystals, allowing a single-target lightning bolt to strike everyone on the field, for example. Materia also grows as you used it, and even births a second identical chunk of materia if nurtured to max level. It’s a neat system that encourages experimentation and exploration—the best materia can only be found in hidden corners of the world. Hopefully Square Enix can rejig the meta so Quad Slash -> Mime -> Mime isn’t one of the fastest ways to deal damage.

Flashier combat

You needn’t ditch Final Fantasy 7’s turn-based system entirely, but the old static facing rows setup looks silly today—remember how individual characters would rush off to strike a target, and then politely return to rank to await further orders? As Final Fantasy games have dallied with realtime/turn-based hybrid systems the dynamism of fights has improved dramatically. In FF13 Lightninig flips, thrusts and backsteps between enemies and companions, casting spells and attacking with her blade as she moves. There must be a way to emulate that dance and still keep Cloud’s cool sword-spinning casting animation.

Chocobo breeding

There are a lot of minigames in Final Fantasy 7—and not all of them good. There’s that snowboarding section (which surely deserves to be reborn as an SSX Tricky analogue), and the minigame that has you marshaling forces to rescue a phoenix, and that pants Midgar motorway chase sequence which seemed amazing at the time.

Chocobo breeding was great, however. It provided a calming distraction from the rigours of combat, and doubled as an elegant way to unlock secrets. A blue Chocobo could get you across rivers, a green could sprint over mountains and the coveted gold Chocobo could get you almost anywhere. Limit breaks, incredible summons and materia could only be reached on the back of a pedigree bird. FF7’s chocobos are a great example of an RPG feature that enriches all aspects of the game. You breed them in a sidequest, which unlocks new exploration options, which in turn unlocks more combat options. AND you can race them at the Gold Saucer.

A new script

Or at least a grammatically correct script. The original english translation was full of errors, and people kept saying «. » at each other like they’d run out of things to say but couldn’t leave the room because manners and the plot required them to stay. And Barret, well, let’s not get into Barret’s dialogue. A total rewrite is probably in order, which means the plot will probably make an awful lot more sense in the remake than it did first time round. Full voice acting will be expected as well but by Sephiroth that is a lot of lines to record, and who are they going to cast for the big red lion, Red XIII? Or Cait Sith, the robot cat that rides a big robot teddy bear?

The return of Hell House

In the wretched slag of Midgar’s darkest slums, unwary travellers are set upon by robotic dwellings that slash at them with metal claws and bombard them with homing missiles. It wouldn’t be Final Fantasy 7 without the return of the game’s strangest villain: Hell House. It will be tempting to finally answer the main question about Hell House, which is «what the hell is Hell House?». Is it an ordinary house that went bad? Is it the robotic creation of a mad property magnate? Let the enigma go unresolved; it’s more fun that way.

Naturally Tonberries, Cactuars and the Demon Gate—which is just a giant wall with a face on it—also deserve a prime spot in the remake.

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Deadly Weapons

Final Fantasy 7’s massive endgame monsters loiter ostentatiously on the world map, tempting you face them down. Beware! These beasts will wipe your party in an attack or two if you’re not prepared. These (mostly) optional boss fights provide a spectacular incentive to reach the end of Final Fantasy 7’s combat progression curve, which extends well beyond the point at which you’re able to beat the final boss. The Weapons are the reason you breed a gold Chocobo and grab Knights of the Round. They’re the reason you max-level materia. Reshuffled and retooled, they should still be the greatest challenges the remake has to offer.

Epic summons

It wouldn’t be Final Fantasy 7 without these supernatural monsters. Ifrit, Shiva, Titan, Ramuh, Bahamut Vanilla, Bahamut Strawberry, Bahamut Chocolate—I love them all. Summoning sequences provided FF7’s most extravagant moments. At the time, in-engine sequence that could fly into space and show a dragon launching an orbital bombardment was a tour de force accomplishment. Sephiroth’s summon, which destroys the entire solar system, is as memorable as it was insanely long.

And that brings us to our problem. Watching regularly repeated 90 second cutscenes gets boring after a while. Final Fantasy 8 added a button-mashing mechanic to try and introduce some interactivity to summons, but that was annoying. In modern games you transform into the monster and gain their moveset for a short time. That’s fun, but you lose FF7’s theatricality. If Square Enix decides to go for FF7’s cutscene attacks, they must be skippable—an option the original game still desperately needs.

That’s a few suggestions to get started with. What would you like to see from the Final Fantasy 7 remake?

Final Fantasy 7 «New character models»

Перевести · New Character Model Style, same classic game. A mod that balances stylized Final Fantasy VII characters with 3D model in a style based on Tetsuya Nomura’s concept art. Looking to improve your Final Fantasy VII experience while keeping the game’s classic stylized nature? Look no further!    

New character models at Final Fantasy 7 Ne…

Перевести · All released Ninostyle models converted to go inside the FINAL FANTASY VIIdirect folder. This might solve some issues some of you people might have regarding mods conflicting with eachother or straight up not working in 7th Heaven.

Downloads — Final Fantasy VII — Mod DB

Перевести · Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete Mod May 6 2013 Patch 13 comments. Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete Mod will modify your Final Fantasy VII v1.0.5 Windows (digital) download version, replacing character models.


New character models at Final Fantasy 7 Ne…

Перевести · Not sure if you’re even bothered by it as you’re working on those wonderful chibi field models. But, after the 4/23 update Reno’s field model no longer loads ahead of the PRP model. I got it to load by getting a series of other field mods to overwrite the PRP models and it loads the model but it crazy broken.

New character models at Final Fantasy 7 Ne…

Перевести · All-New Character Models for Final Fantasy VII!

Final Fantasy VII (2012 Remake/Steam) — H…

Перевести · 09.07.2014 · Showing off the HD character mod for FF7 PC for Steam. This isn’t «Tifa’s Bootleg» mod, but it is good enough for me. You can still get achievements with this mod

  • Автор: JEHINC. Game Vidz
  • Просмотры: 7.5 тыс.

Steam Community :: Guide :: Character O…

Перевести · This is an early access kind of built of my ChaOS mod for the re-release of FF7 on Steam. It’s a nearly complete overhaul of the character models. It’s based on the PRP mod (Phoenix Resurection Project) but aims to unify the style of the models

Mods and community — Nexus Mods :: Final …

Перевести · My Character Overhaul mod project for Final Fantasy VII PC, swaping all the playable characters with enemies from mainly the Shinra organisation — all the models of characters are swaped. Being version 0.5 at the moment, the mod is still not finished — it’s in alpha state as such because the characters

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