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FreeThrow.io: Меткий бросокигры

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Throw the basketball in the basket online
If you are a fan of simple games such as throwing the ball into the basket – then this free online game is exactly for you.
The mechanic is as follows:
1) You have the unlimited number of balls and 60 seconds during each round.
2) You are given a random gaming partner – just to make it more fun and add some portion of spiciness into the process, which a spirit of competition creates.
3) Using your mouse, you have to press, swipe, and release, depicting the vector of the ball’s motion – making it so to hit the basket.
4) You are given 2 or 3 points for each hit – according to regular basketball rules
5) When you hit the basket without dropping a ball on the floor for some consequential number of times, every your next hit without dropping gives you x2 points (until you drop it again). Doing so for more successful times in a row will result in x3, x4 times to the added score and so on…
6) The point is to score more than your opponent playing with you (sometimes, he is just still, not doing anything).
7) When he hits the basket, you see his attempt at the background of yours and may estimate his accuracy and preciseness to correct yourself if there is a need.

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