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Grindcraft Remasterized: Грайндкрафтигры

GrindCraft Remastered

Grindcraft Remastered is a new version of Grindcraft. Just like in the famous game of Notch, but as an Idle game, you will have to collect various resources (wood, ore) to first craft basic tools, a craft table but also recruit your first villagers who will help you in your tasks. Once properly equipped, it will be necessary to find iron, gold and gather other precious resources to build more complex constructions and craft better and more effective weapons.
Author : JeTSpice — 24,800 plays

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3 months ago — Report

cool game

9 months ago — Report

1 year ago — Report

1 year ago — Report

yo, this is really cool.

1 year ago — Report

this is amazing.

1 year ago — Report

I LOVE Minecraft

1 year ago — Report

this game is cool l like this 🙂

1 year ago — Report

doesn’t work for me but it looks like a good game

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