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Killing Floor «Original Soundtrack»

Killing Floor «Original Soundtrack»

There were other mods that did the exact same thing, but there were problems that really bugged me. Some tracks were too quiet, played too little or not at all, not up to date so it’s missing FP/Abomination replacements sometimes more, holiday music not playing on their maps, and so on.

I’m picky so I ended up spending a few hours doing my own and fixing all these problems. I decided I may as well share it while I’m at it in case people wanted the same thing.

This replaces all the non zYnthetic vocal combat tracks in the base game which is the majority of the music. There was no where near enough music to replace those as well (I had to use very few tracks that weren’t in KF1 by Zynthetic also, don’t worry they sound like they could fit in KF1 fine). I’ll paste a list of what it doesn’t replace at the end if you want to know the specifics.

Firstly, download the actual mod first (make sure to replace the dot and brackets with a period) — https://mega((DOT))nz/#!h1lXyQhL!i_OE3SJihgGiUQl3dk6c4BpNplOB2Xzw7zeBUOEmKxM

Next, go to F:Steamsteamappscommonkillingfloor2KFGameBrewedPCWwiseAudioWindows or wherever your KF2 directory is. Or just right click on the game in steam > properties > browse local files.
OR for an easier uninstall later on, you can go to MyDocuments/MyGames/KillingFloor2/KFGame/Published/BrewedPC/WwiseAudio/Windows
Create the path if it doesn’t already exist (thanks chen)

Open the SFX folder in the ZIP and drop the files in those other folders into the above path (there should be language folders/bunch of files with random numbers where you’re dropping them as well). Replace everything when it asks you.
Also ignore the Wwise.dat file in the ZIP, I forgot to delete it.

Once you’re ingame, go into your audio options and switch on the vocal tracks, as this mod only replaces the vocal songs.

It should be working now (unless I screwed up somewhere).

If in game directory: Delete all the .wem files and verify your cache through steam to redownload the vanilla files. Or make a backup before installing.

If in documents: Just delete all the .wem files.

Certain tracks will stop playing at the incorrect times so you’ll have to wait for a bit for the next track to start playing. This means no music for the time being.

This would be a complete pain to fix and really time consuming to be sure it doesn’t happen at all. Basically it would need me to extend all the tracks to the original songs length, and make sure the loop sounds good.

I’ll replace the halloween tracks when the update comes out in October, though after that I’m pretty much out of music so probably not.

If there’s any issues from a future update I’ll try to fix it. If you have any problems such as crashing on a specific boss or song let me know, make sure to mention if those crashes only started to happen after you installed this.

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Killing Floor 2 Soundtrack Infectious — Скачать mp3 бесплатно

Killing Floor 2 OST 02 Infected

03:12 4.21 MB 175.4K

04:13 5.55 MB 0.9K

Killing Floor DEMO Soundtrack Infectious

04:16 5.62 MB 519

Killing Floor Infectious Cadaver Music

03:12 4.21 MB 77.8K

01:48 2.37 MB 114

The Matriarch S Theme Plasma Shock Killing Floor 2 Soundtrack

02:15 2.96 MB 14.4K

Six Feet Of Foreplay Infectious Cadaver Instrumental Killing Floor OST

03:12 4.21 MB 2.7K

Killing Floor 2 OST Die Volter

04:19 5.68 MB 295.1K

Killing Floor Soundtrack Infectious Cadaver

03:13 4.23 MB 437

Killing Floor Soundtrack Infectious Cadaver

03:13 4.23 MB 7.8K

Killing Floor Witness Prevention Music

02:48 3.68 MB 211.6K

Killing Floor DEMO Soundtrack Menace

01:48 2.37 MB 119

ZYnthetic Foreign Bodies Killing Floor 2 Original Soundtrack

ZYnthetic By The Throat Killing Floor 2 Original Soundtrack

ZYnthetic Incarnate Killing Floor 2 Original Soundtrack

ZYnthetic Image Corrupter Killing Floor 2 Original Soundtrack

Killing Floor Soundtrack 16 Abandon All

04:16 5.62 MB 225.3K

KF Mod OST The End Is Nigh

05:22 7.06 MB 4.9K

Killing Floor Soundtrack 03 Containment Breach

02:29 3.27 MB 150.8K

ZYnthetic SFTA 08 Pathogen

03:35 4.72 MB 29.7K

ZYnthetic SFTA 01 Abandon V3

03:22 4.43 MB 289.4K

ZYnthetic Recombinant Killing Floor 2 Original Soundtrack

Killing Floor 2 Soundtrack Menace

01:48 2.37 MB 2.9K

PARIsPROJECT WOLFGANG Unofficial Killing Floor 2 Soundtrack

04:46 6.27 MB 108

Killing Floor 2 But The Soundtrack Is Hell

Killing Floor Defection Music

02:29 3.27 MB 32.3K

ZYnthetic Rendezvous Point Killing Floor 2 Original Soundtrack

Killing Floor My AK Music

03:18 4.34 MB 56.3K

Killing Floor Soundtrack 08 Pathogen

03:49 5.02 MB 37.1K

Killing Floor Abandon All Music

03:40 4.83 MB 95.7K

Killing Floor Soundtrack 10 Witness Prevention

03:00 3.95 MB 35.8K

ZYnthetic Death Marches Killing Floor 2 Original Soundtrack

Killing Floor Pathogen Music

03:12 4.21 MB 91.1K

24 539.06 KB 497

ZYnthetic Hydra Killing Floor 2 Original Soundtrack

Killing Floor SOUNDTRACK

02:02:49 161.64 MB 17.9K

Killing Floor Containment Breach Music

02:18 3.03 MB 78.7K

Killing Floor Soldiers Music

03:28 4.56 MB 59.4K

Killing Floor 2 Official Soundtrack 06 Image Corruptor

02:35 3.40 MB 244

Tekka Outbreak Killing Floor Theme

02:47 3.66 MB 822

Killing Floor Outbreak Menu Theme Music

02:54 3.82 MB 119.1K

ZYnthetic VILE 01 Harm Intended

03:05 4.06 MB 19.5K

Killing Floor Soundtrack 07 Treatments Are More Profitable

05:35 7.35 MB 11K

Killing Floor 2 Trailer Reveal Sound Music Redesign

Killing Floor 2 Sountrack Demon Hunter Collapsing

04:03 5.33 MB 218

Killing Floor Soundtrack 04 Bled Dry

06:21 8.36 MB 36.7K

Killing Floor Dirge Defective 2 Music

01:55 2.52 MB 39.5K

Killing Floor 2 Monster Masquerade OST 5 7

02:56 3.86 MB 842

Killing Floor 2 Monster Masquerade OST 6 7

02:39 3.49 MB 848

ZYnthetic SFTA 18 Witness Prevention

03:00 3.95 MB 57.4K

Для вашего поискового запроса Killing Floor 2 Soundtrack Infectious мы нашли 50 песен, соответствующие вашему запросу. Теперь мы рекомендуем загрузить первый результат Killing Floor 2 OST 02 Infected который загружен Killing Floor 2 OST размером 4.21 MB, длительностью 3 мин и 12 сек и битрейтом 192 Kbps.

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Killing Floor 2 Original Soundtrack — Скачать mp3 бесплатно

Для вашего поискового запроса Killing Floor 2 Original Soundtrack MP3 мы нашли 1000000 песни, соответствующие вашему запросу, но показывающие только 10 лучших результатов. Теперь мы рекомендуем загрузить первый результат Killing Floor II OST INSTRUMENTAL MP3 который загружен Skarlax размером 257.66 MB , длительность 3 ч, 15 мин и 47 сек и битрейтом 192 Kbps .

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Killing Floor 2 Soundtrack

Бесплатно скачать Killing Floor 2 Soundtrack в mp3. Мы нашли 37 песен для скачивания, рекомендуем загрузить первый файл Killing Floor 2 Soundtrack.mp3 размером 112.77 MB

Killing Floor 2 Soundtrack.mp3

01:25:41 112.77 MB 359.5K

Killing Floor 2 Krampus Christmas Soundtrack By ZYnthetic.mp3

11:53 15.64 MB 606.4K

Killing Floor 2 OST 01 Murderer.mp3

04:25 5.81 MB 249.5K


03:15:47 257.66 MB 3.5K

The Summer Sideshow Step Right Up Killing Floor 2 OST.mp3

03:54 5.13 MB 394.1K

Killing Floor 2 Soundtrack Ultimate Mix Best Selections.mp3

02:07:48 168.19 MB 675

Killing Floor 2 OST Demon Hunter This I Know CC.mp3

Killing Floor 2 OST 17 Collapsing.mp3

03:43 4.89 MB 258.2K

Killing Floor 2 Full Original Soundtrack.mp3

01:25:35 112.63 MB 7.4K

Killing Floor 2 NEON NIGHTMARES Event Theme Music Spring Update 2020.mp3

03:08 4.12 MB 13.3K

Killing Floor 2 Original Soundtrack With Vocals.mp3

01:25:38 112.70 MB 45.2K

ZYnthetic No Rest For Anyone Killing Floor 2 Krampus Christmas.mp3

03:56 5.18 MB 60.2K

Killing Floor 2 One Name Above All CC.mp3

04:04 5.35 MB 26.7K

Killing Floor 2 Soundtrack Spike Grinder King Fleshpound Theme.mp3

04:20 5.70 MB 85.9K

Killing Floor 2 Soundtrack Asylum 2019 Halloween Theme.mp3

04:05 5.37 MB 28.9K

Neon Nightmares Soundtrack Killing Floor 2.mp3

03:08 4.12 MB 4.4K

Killing Floor 2 Soundtrack Zed Destroyer.mp3

03:16 4.30 MB 25.8K

Killing Floor 2 OST 11 Bitter End.mp3

03:21 4.41 MB 160.4K

Killing Floor 2 OST Main Menu Theme New.mp3

04:33 5.99 MB 41.3K

Killing Floor 2 OST 02 Infected.mp3

03:12 4.21 MB 175.4K

Killing Floor 2 Soundtrack Red Mist.mp3

02:49 3.71 MB 15K

Killing Floor 2 Soundtrack Infectious.mp3

03:31 4.63 MB 15.6K

Killing Floor 2 OST 20 Not I.mp3

04:16 5.62 MB 113.5K

Killing Floor 2 Soundtrack Castle Freaks.mp3

03:49 5.02 MB 40.9K

The Matriarch S Theme Plasma Shock Killing Floor 2 Soundtrack.mp3

02:15 2.96 MB 14.4K

Yuletide Horror Silent Night Zedly Night Killing Floor 2 Soundtrack.mp3

02:26 3.20 MB 18.7K

ZYnthetic Wreck Them All Killing Floor 2 Krampus Christmas.mp3

03:35 4.72 MB 87.9K

Killing Floor 2 OST Die Volter.mp3

04:19 5.68 MB 295.1K

Killing Floor 2 Soundtrack The Shadow Of Saint Nicolas Season S Beatings Main Menu Theme.mp3

02:45 3.62 MB 43.6K

Killing Floor 2 Soundtrack The Evil Zed.mp3

03:08 4.12 MB 63.2K

Killing Floor 2 Summer Sideshow Soundtrack.mp3

12:28 16.41 MB 68.7K

Killing Floor 2 Soundtrack Cyberpunk Cyber Revolt Main Menu Theme.mp3

01:41 2.22 MB 51.1K

Killing Floor 2 Spring Update Boss Music Abomination.mp3

03:55 5.15 MB 12.5K

Killing Floor 2 OST 09 We Don T Care.mp3

03:40 4.83 MB 197.7K

Killing Floor 2 Soundtrack Monstrosity New Main Menu Theme.mp3

02:49 3.71 MB 34K

Killing Floor 2 Hans Volter Theme Boss Theme.mp3

04:15 5.59 MB 172.7K

Killing Floor 2 Grim Treatments Main Menu Theme.mp3

Killing Floor 2 MATRIARCH Boss Theme Music Yuletide Horror 2019.mp3

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