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Mass Effect 2 — Обзор Angry Joe [Русская озвучка]

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Joe! Really wanted to see the full version of this review – but it’s not loading – I’m just getting a white box, there are other commenters on youtube saying the same… Could you fix it ? Pretty please?

Good story?
Good characters?
Customization improvements?
Planning scanning better than planet exploration?
Ammo being a positive?
“Improvements on just about every aspect of the original game”

No, sorry Joe of the past, just can’t agree with you on these points. Not a bad game, but pales in comparison to the first.

How can you even say the armor customization is better than the first when you got like 1 or 2 armors in the base game and can just customize the color of one when in the first you can do that with all armor as well as change the equipment in the armor to get different stats/abilities/resistances/etc.

Mass Effect 2 is a 6/10

What? Dude, ME2’s customization let’s you alter each individual armor piece for different stats, as well as the overall color, rather than being forced to change the entire suit like the first ME did. Heck, ME didn’t give any color customization at all. You were always at the whim of the suit’s stats, and were forced to stick with whatever color it was. And when you tweaked the mods for new stats, they had no aesthetic impact whatsoever, unlike ME2.

ME2’s customization is better.

I’m playing Mass Effect 2 right now and I love it. I bought the trilogy bundle for the PS3 and I dragged myself through the first game. The port of the first game for the PS3 is simply horrible. Constant lag, game crashes, and the audio even randomly cuts out so you’re forced to play with subtitles. Aside from that, I love the first games gameplay and I’m glad I played through it to get the full story before going into Mass Effect 2. However, in the future due to the gameplay issues I’ll just use the interactive comic in 2 to decide my choices and how that’ll effect the story of the game.
Personally, first playthrough is always paragon and I go a second time as a renegade.

Great review! And by the way – anybody knows title of music that starts at around 10:41? Please answer, thanks!

BTW am i the only one who thinks that Cerberus is how Bioware sees their EA overlords?

So i decided to buy this (i know it’s 4 years since it’s release but it was still worth it, that and i wanted to avoid ME3’s ending). Iv’e gotta say that this game is pretty good. I do agree with most of Joe’s points, there was the occasional companion getting my way or not getting into cover they needed to, i was annoyed that only the soldier class had access to assault rifle, i really wanted to try the awesome powers that the other classes had and the mining mini-game was kinda boring.
So far i like the characters and the story with Garrus being my favourite (the guy’s a badass), i should note that i do have all the DLC (came with disc for free) and that i’m still early in the main story.

I finished the game. I have to say that it easily earns the badass seal of approval. And i also managed to keep everyone (including the crew) alive.

get the first game and import a save it is worth it.

That Batarian bartender at the end of your video pissed me of when he poisoned me. I made that asshole drink his own poison, though. HAHA.

You can also romance Tali

I loved the game. I’ve replayed it dozens of times, but my issue was mostly the planet scanners and a few of the characters *coughKaidancough* *coughAshleycough*. Weapons were excellent especially one of the last weapons we get which is basically an RPG with a nuclear warhead attached to it. I’d give it a 9 out of 10 as well.

I love the ME series! for me every game was a 10/10 with a BASOA! you bring up some solid points but i never delt with those problems, the AI was awesome (even tho they sometimes dident take cover)

This episode is temporarily unavaible!

ok first of all, Dont tell me Miranda looks like MJ. Im offended.
though the joke was funny….
Also, i dont know how you got kelly to dance like that for you… i mean really…… Mind blown!

Fool you have to romance her.

I really like Mass Effect 2. I also hated that the Probe Mini-Game is really boring sometimes XD
I love how Bioware treated the whole franchise, but I find it a bit irritating that they sometimes put stuff in there that came from the comic series and I had to read the comics first to understand what they were talking about X_X

Oh, well. All in all, Mass Effect is awesome AND it is the first Shooter Game I had played! It gave me a new perspective on those genre and I started doing more shooter games later :3

Garrus Fans RULE!

I love this game so much I actually got a little offended when he said it missed the 10/10 plus I don’t think co op would work because your party would be bored s***less when outside of combat

hey Joe did you hear they are making a mass effect movie. I don’t think making a 30 hour game into a 2 to 3 hour movies a good idea. I think it would be a better idea to make a live action TV show.

God I love this game!

Oh, and the atmosphere change from space exploration and in dept immersion to Shepard’s feeling focused, and there are no dialog option that would’ve been nice an obvious to make. Ashley comes in, accusing you of beeing cerberus, I’d reply : Look you dont get to chose who rebuild you when your dead, and I dont see anyone who’d give me a ship, guns, and actualy allow me to hunt the major threat instead of burying their heads in the sand. (might be though on a steel floor BUT STILL)!

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You can already tell when EA comes in they change what they shouldnt change : the story. At least I heard its the same writter witch makes a point to tell trough the game what he had in mind and its still acceptable though I prefer the first one’s atmosphere. Irreplacable epics. They increased game fights dynamics, add nice enough character but changed the personnality of the first ones. I can feel an adaptation of EA’s ass story adaptation for this. Still fun.

I had the same problem as you, Joe… Garrus always walked into my Sniper scope when I tried to shoot…

I love ME2, though. It’s one of my Favorites. In fact. Mass Effect was the Sci-Fi game that made me play none Medieval games O_O

I can’t believe I’m saying this but, LOL!

I honestly miss the prob thing to get the resources, seemed a bit to simple to just hit the galaxy scanner then just go down on one planet per sol system and find the war resource, that never really comes into much play in the first place in ME3.

Joe I’d recommend you’d use 1-100 instead of 1-10 because you can get certain games confused, like you could think mortal kombat 9/10 is the same as mass effect 9/10, when in reality mortal combat is like a 91 and mass effect 2 is like a 95

well they are different sorts of games but i agree like dragon age origins got 9/10 and so did mass effect 2 which one is better

I have played the game ten times

This game has a special place in my library, right next to the beloved me1 and me3

Mass effect 2 was badass. great combat, awesome story, and so many more. I JUST FREAKIN WISH THE A.I. DIDN’T HAVE GOD-LIKE ACCURACY. Mass Effect 2 was the first Mass Effect game I ever played and I loved it and bought the other two games, and thank god i have an older Mass Effect 2 disk because I have the infinite Paragon/Renegade glitch! (yes, I’m a cheater.) Besides Skyrim this is the best RPG game I’ve ever played. BUT I’m angry at Bioware for one thing, and I’ll put it in question form….WHY THE FUCK DID BIOWARE GO TO EA. EA only cares about the money, destroys any game that they get their hands on, rushes the game company! SERIOUSLY WHAT THE FUCK. and because of this bad decision Mass Effect 3 came out bad, Dragon Age 2 was terrible for me, and Cerberus network is just another method to squeeze out another 20 dollars (AND IT’S FUCKIN USELESS. JUST GO TO THE GAME MARKETPLACE AND DOWNLOAD ADD-ONS FROM THERE!) The game play length is shorter than the first Mass effect, but everything else is good about it. Badass game, nice work Bioware! (But I suggest to them to go back to Microsoft)

“thank god i have an older Mass Effect 2 disk because I have the infinite Paragon/Renegade glitch! (yes, I’m a cheater.)”

Oh my God, I’m scared to continue reading.

“Besides Skyrim this is the best RPG game I’ve ever played.”

Yes, you are, indeed, an idiot.

no sir, indeed you are. Skyrim might not be better then every other rpg, but i cant think of a single one thats better either. Though there are loads that “cant be compared”.

And btw. I am a cheater as well, (in single player) so whats the problem?
I hate the term cheater actually.. I mean, who the fuck am I cheating, the pixels?

got all three games this might be the best trilogy in my game library .

I love all of the mass effect games (third is my favorite) but this second game gets 9/10 from me, needed another cool feature to get it to 10.

I got this game on PS3 so I can’t get the first mass effect but I completely understood the story. I kind of see the misconception but it wasn’t a problem for me,

they do need to make a mass effect movie. Thats a must have!

i heard that they will make an me1 movie

Yeah because movies based on games have always gone well.

1=AMAZING! 2=FUCK YOU EA! YOU FUCKED UP AGAIN! What the hell? They give you a ammo system okay. NOW WHERE THE FUCK IS ALL THE AMMO. There are, on average, 4 crates of ammo and a 1/20 chance to drop ammo per mission. Powers are now required! Infiltrators are amazing cause you can turn invis and find more ammo! Don’t even get me started with the carry limit! 10 rounds of sniper ammo! that will last the first fucking fire fight. SMGs? Those Machine pistols that can’t hit the broad side of an Elcor if it’s 10+ feet away? Well, the Locust is the exception, THAT is a SMG. The weapon curve is insane. One rifle, 400 rounds and can’t hit shit, other 155 with a mandatory 3-round burst has the recoil of a pissed off mule kick to the ass, and help you if you miss. And the LMG is useless in your hands! It’s a run up and stick in gut weapon! The Hand cannon, 18 fucking rounds! ARE YOU FUCKING ME WITH A BROKEN GLASS DILDO IN THE EAR. On casual it takes 3 shots to kill a Vorcha, a vent crawling, inbred, Vorcha! 5 to drop a human and 12 to drop a Krogan! Which is better than the first one you get, a clip to kill something? WTF? And the lack of exploration and loot drop completely? TWO THINGS 1 DID RIGHT. You now have a fucking predetermined path. IT’S NOW FABLE 2 IN SPACE. WHY. Now, I love these games, their stories, their characters, their locations, their races and their concept. But this is a fucking abomination! 4/10 @ the max! 3=FUCK! EA DID IT AGAIN. FUCKING INBRED CUNTS! THAT ENDING AND LACK OF FIXING? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Now I have to go take some BP pills so I don’t develop and ulcer!

I have played every game there is incuding mass effect 1,2,3

Those are all that exist, you fucking idiot.

You obviously proved to everyone here that you’re truly the fucking idiot here.

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He stated that he played every single game INCLUDING Mass Effect 1, 2, and 3.

There are much more games out there than those 3. Perhaps, if you had a fucking brain, you wouldn’t have made such a stupid ass comment like that which proved how fucking stupid you really are.


Who wants to fuck someone who you can see your sex face reflected in?No one wants to see their sex face.

great game i play it over and over again….mass 3 not

DAMN . i’ll be crackin’ on to Yeoman Chambers on my next play through, just for that dance.


No i’m actualy sure my Shepard survived, thank you but im prety sure he got up after the scene and kill sovereign by punching it to death right. right? (sight), OH MY GOD I LOVE MASS EFFECT SINCE THE 1ST ONE AND IM AFRAID THAT SHEPARD DIDN’T GOT TO FIBALY BE WITH LIARA AT THE END, don’t you judje me you know you feel the same… about someone, eventualy,i think…

Well, not officially. Mine was still breathing.

That breath scene…

Well, I suppose a 9/10 is deserved, ME2 is a truly great game. The removal of the M35 Mako has been a pretty significant disappointment for me, however. And no, the Hammerhead does not make up for it – let me explain why not.

In ME1, the Mako felt like – and was – an integral part of the game. Almost all of the main missions featured Mako sequences, side-mission planets were explored via the Mako, and it was just a really great way of mixing up the “usual” Bioware RPG features with a bit of additional action, without taking away anything from the RPG elements. For these reasons, I loved the Mako.

The Hammerhead in ME2, however, has not been a real part of the game. Sure, the controls are great, and we get 6 missions where we can use it, but that’s about it. The Hammerhead is a DLC feature and therefore, none of the main story missions make use of it, it’s not used on any remote planets other than in the Firewalker missions, and it just feels tacked on. Especially so when viewed in reference of how amazingly Bioware made use of the Mako in the first installment.

Another issue I had with the Firewalker missions is that they all took place in a closed environment (Overlord less so than the rest), with invisible walls sealing off parts of the map, and that really bothered me. In ME1, I could drive the Mako through a lot of open maps, most of which allowed me to climb even the most challenging mountain if I had enough perseverance, and exploration was rewarded with hidden bonuses and cool points of interest. The Hammerhead missions, in reference, feel like something out of a racing game. And there’s no problem with that, it just lacks the same kind of depth the Mako in ME1 had in my opinion.

Well, that’s all I really wanted to say. Great video, by the way, Joe. I just furrowed my eyebrows a bit when you said that all the great features from the first game were there in Mass Effect 2, and that has sprung this rant out of me. ME2 is still a great game, I just wish Bioware would have found new, innovative ways to make use of the Mako instead of removing it.

Haha! Dayum! That slap is hit to all PS3 users like me.

1. Galaxy Map: Maybe I am the only one, but I don’t like this new stile of flying with this tiny ship on the map…It’s nice as a picture however.

2. Less RPG stuff: I hate to buy something and then I have it automatically

3. Console style instead of a PC feeling

5. Better ME1 style of ammo then in ME2 or ME3

It’s just my own opinion but I think that ME1 was even better in some parts then ME2. HOWEVER interaction with other characters and their personal stories was very cool! Also ME2 better with missions without repetition of level design (Optional missions) then ME1.

I forgot to mention that I agree with “Norgium” and about what he/she said.

BTW isn’t here a way to edit my posted messages? >D

Joey that slap hurt :'( If it makes you feel better I got the Genesis DLC so I understood the story…


Космос и космическая фантастика

Обзор трилогии Mass Effect

Серию игр Mass Effect 1,2,3 по праву можно считать культовой. Космическая сага о приключениях капитана Шепарда собрала миллионы поклонников по всему миру. Об этом свидетельствуют продажи. Суммарно было продано более 10 млн копий по всему миру. Богатый сюжет, продуманные персонажи, экшен и многое другое ожидает вас на протяжении 100 часов прохождения.


Действие игры разворачивается в будущем, приблизительно через 600 лет. Человечеству все же удается покорить космос, встретить развитых существ и даже более того, вступить к ним в альянс. Но на фоне остальных, древних и развитых цивилизаций, которых в игре более пятнадцати, люди заметно отстают. Поэтому они прикладывают все усилия что бы завоевать их признание и доверие.

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Масс Эффект – шутер от третьего лица с элементами РПГ. Вид из-за спины, использование укрытий и перестрелки лаконично сочетаются с прокачкой персонажей, применением магии (в игре используется термин «Биотика»), а также богатым набором брони и оружия. Миссии вы проходите не в одиночку. В вашем распоряжении минимум двое союзников, которыми управляет искусственный интеллект. Но по желанию вы можете попробовать поиграть и за них. Важной геймплейной особенностью игры является не линейность сюжета. Вы в праве сами выбрать как персонажу поступать в ключевых моментах, поэтому концовки различных миссий могут заметно различаться.

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Что бы разбавить геймплей предусмотрены мини-игры. Большая их часть построена на решении простых головоломок и вскрытии замков, реже вам дают возможность посидеть за рулем БМП «Мако» и пострелять из турелей.

Моды и интересные особенности

Mass Effect имеет широкую локализацию, поэтому русская озвучка была предусмотрена сразу после старта продаж на территории РФ. Но, первая часть, в отличие от последующих, имела только русский дубляж. Как признаются сами разработчики, они были не уверены, что проект возымеет такую популярность и будет нуждаться в полноценном переводе.

Как и другие проекты компании BioWare для Масс Эффект продолжают разрабатываться моды и DLC. В их разработке участвуют как официальные разработчики, так и просто фанаты. Наиболее удачные из доработок выкладываются на официальном сайте компании. Ознакомиться с ними на русском можно уже с помощью сторонних ресурсов.

Системные требования:

  • процессор — 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo E 6600 (или эквивалентный AMD);
  • оперативная память – 2-4 Gb;
  • место на диске – 11-15 Gb;
  • видеокарта — ATI Radeon R7 250/NVidia GeForce GT 440 или лучше.

Официальный трейлер:

Прохождение Mass Effect 2 Часть 6 Трущобы

Название: Прохождение Mass Effect 2 Часть 6 Трущобы

Загрузил: Игровой Канал Хебрина

Длительность: 54 мин и 10 сек

Битрейт: 192 Kbps

71.29 MB и длительностью 54 мин и 10 сек в формате mp3.

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На 10 Минут Старше 25 Й Час

Сергей Лавров Sergey Lavrov Mozart Group Вечерний Ургант 59 Выпуск 24 10 2012

Former President Barack Obama Endorses Joe Biden For President

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Зил Бычок Длиномер Второй Готовлю К Работе

12050 Gatiman Express 12904 Golden Temple Mail Vs

Danii Roundtree Crave Official Music Video

Fnaf Vs Batim Creators And Creations Singing Battle Gacha Life

El Museo Fuerte De San Miguel Campeche Fue Reinaugurado

Fnaf 1 Vs Sister Location Sing Battle Part 1

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