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Monkey GO Happy Batsигры

Monkey GO Happy Bats




What makes a monkey go happy? It’s not bananas, and it’s not even treats! What really cheers up a monkey is bats, and it’s up to you to solve all 22 puzzles in this point-and-click game from Pencil Kids to let the bats fly free!

Walkthrough Guide


Stage 1

Click on the pile of sand on the right. Apply the sunscreen on the sweating man until you complete the level.

Stage 2

Click on the ball to shoot at the moving target. The ball will always hit in the middle of the stand.

Stage 3

Take the net from the boat and throw it on the garbage in the river.

Stage 4

Click on the bush on the left side and grab the beaver. Use it to cut down both trees and put it back in the water.

Stage 5

Take the hat by the bed. Soak it in the water and put it on the sick man’s head.

Stage 6

Rotate the pictures until you complete the picture.

Stage 7

Doding the blades, navigate the bat to the key. Remember the color of each direction, as they will reverse once you take the key.

Stage 8

Click on the pumpkins

Stage 9

Take the 4 cherries from the castle and the one under the bush. Put them in the cup on the left.

Stage 10

Click on the camel’s hump until you complete the level.

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Stage 11

Put out the fire using the bucket of water on the left. Use the coal on the cat to turn it black.

Stage 12

Click on all the windows.

Stage 13

Choose the wrong answer to each math problem until Pinokio’s nose pops the baloon.

Stage 14

Navigate teh bat to the red key. Remember the colors of each direction as they will get rotated. Navigate to the yellow key and back to the door.

Stage 15

Open the garbage can. Take the broken glass on the right side and use it to open the trash bag. Take the fish bones out.

Stage 16

Click on the car until you complete the stage

Stage 17

Look at the clocks on the wall. Under each one are three small square holes, one of which is empty. The empty hole hints to which rotating wheel each clock corresponds. In other words

Left — 3:00; Middle — 11:00; Right — 5:00.

Stage 18

Take the cloak from the hanger. Look under both stones and take the key and the makeup. Unlock the door with the key and grab the Scythe. Give everything to the man in the grey underpants.

Stage 19

Click on the left side of the curtain. Take the saw and give it to the magician.

Stage 20

Look at the markings on the ground. The empty spot on each one indicates how many rats should be placed in each box. In other words

Leftmost — 2; Left — 1; Right — 4; Rightmost — 3

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Stage 21

Navigate the bat to the black key, then to the red one, then to the yellow one. As always, remember the color of each direction since they will rotate after each key.

Stage 22

1. Grab the Gaff on the right side of the giant spider.
2. Go to the left and use the Gaff on the well.
3. Go to the right and fill the bucket with fertilizer. Give the fertilizer bucket to the tree.

1 — Under the bush, next to the spider.
2, 3 — On the well and the ground next to it.
4 — Under the bush next to the tree.
5 — Obtained after giving the tree the fertilizer bucket.
6 — Under the bush next to the skeleton.
7 — In the fertilizer.
8 — next to the skeleton.

4. Give the shoes to the spider and head down.
5. Take the skeleton’s arm from the ground and give it to him.
6. Attach the chain to the underground’s ceiling.
7. On the pillars, spell the word «BATS» and pull the chain.

Posted by: Stinky | November 13, 2015 10:53 AM

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