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New Mario Flash: Новый флэш Мариоигры

New Mario Flash: Новый флэш Мариоигры

This Super Mario Brothers Flash online game is 2.15 MB in size, so please allow plenty of time for it to load.

Play as either Mario or Luigi in this brilliant Flash version of the classic Super Mario Bros. games. Use the Cursor Left and Right keys (Arrow keys) to move, the Up Arrow key to jump, the Down Arrow key to crouch and the Space Bar to throw fireballs.

In addition to the standard series of game levels that can be played, this game also includes a superb Level Editor which you can use to create and play your own levels — it includes instructions for how to use it.

To save any levels you make in the Level Editor for use again another time you visit this website, click on the «Code» option in the Level Editor main menu for the level you want to save, then click on «Copy to Clipboard» to copy the code for your level into your computer’s clipboard memory, then paste that level code («Ctrl» + «v») into the Notepad program (normally found in your Windows «Start / Programs / Accessories» menu), and then save it to your computer as a Notepad .txt file.

To play that saved level again and edit it some more another time you visit this website, simply open the .txt file you saved to your computer previously, copy the level code into your computer’s clipboard memory («Ctrl» + «a», then «Ctrl» + «c»), go into the game’s Level Editor and click on one of the three «Load» options in the Level Editor main menu, then paste the level code into the large white box in the game (click inside the box first, then «Ctrl» +»v»), then click «Load», then click «Play» and you can play that level and edit it again as you wish. See below for five ready-made level codes for you to try.

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If this game doesn’t work on your machine, you may need to upgrade to the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

Level name: Fun House . Level difficulty: Medium . Level author: Aldorian

Level name: Dark Mario . Level difficulty: Medium Hard . Level author: Mecha Mario

Level name: Thy Labyrinth2 . Level difficulty: Hard . Level author: Barokken

Level name: Koopa Village . Level difficulty: Very Hard . Level author: Speedy9876

Level name: Cave of Silence . Level difficulty: Extremely Hard . Level author: Bowser

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This game is using Flash! After the 31st of July 2019, your internet browser might start blocking Flash, especially if you use Google Chrome. This means you’ll have to activate it to play this game.

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Super Mario Bros Star Scramble 2: Ghost Island

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In Super Mario Flash, you have to control a tiny Mario plumber. Your main task is to defeat the enemy along the way, overcome obstacles, collect coins. You can also find many secret things, use acceleration and find secret levels with lots of coins. You can find many typical game elements such as mushrooms, flowers with special powers and opponents.

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