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NieR: Automata «NierAutoModSave»

NieR: Automata «NierAutoModSave»

Перевести · Would someone be able to tell me where the save game data is written to on PC HDD. Got the save game bug that doesn’t allow you to write any data. Yes, I know how to save

[PC] Nier: Automata (100% Save Game) — Your Save Games

Перевести · Extract the «SlotData_0.dat» file to NieR Automata PC Save Game Location . Users DocumentsMy GamesNieR_Automata. Congrats, your almost there, now you need to follow these extra steps . I use save nier

NieR Automata — 100% Save Game PC — YouTube

Перевести · 03.03.2018 · I dont remember Dead Space 2 being this difficult, but …

  • Автор: YourSaveGames
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Nier: Automata — how and where to save your game | Ni…

Перевести · How To Save In Nier: Automata After completing the opening mission, you can save by running up to the black terminals in the hallway of the orbital moon base . Saving is also available from the menu screen in any location

nier automata save file/save game and using tutorial — You…

Перевести · 30.05.2017 · nier automata save file/save game and using tutorial All Tentang Gaming. Loading . TYPE-40 Sword Location & Guide — NiER: Automata

  • Автор: All Tentang Gaming
  • Просмотры: 32 тыс.
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Save Location :: NieR:Automata™ General Disc…

Перевести · Not Ingame but the actual save file. Login Store Community Support Change language View . NieR:Automata ™ All Discussions . Anyone know where the save location is? Not Ingame but the actual save file

Question about save file locations :: NieR:Automata .

Перевести · I just recently upgraded my rig but I realized too late that I might have forgotten to back up my save files for NieR Automata since it required a reformat. From searching around, the save files for the game are supposed to be in the Documents folder but I want to know if the save files

How to save the game in NieR: Automata | Explained .

Перевести · 21.01.2018 · is one the most frequently asked question by NieR: Automata players. In this walkthrough guide will show you HOW TO SAVE the game in Nier: Automata. Nier: Automata does not have the auto-save

  • Автор: Gamerpillar
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Data sacrifice :: NieR:Automata™ General Disc…

Перевести · Initially, no, I wasn’t going to give up an unfinished save file. But, after failing the bullet hell section multiple times (darn you Square Enix Ltd.), reading the words of encouragement from other players and finally accepting help from other players who sacrificed their save

Where are my save files? :: NieR:Automata™ General Disc…

Перевести · I can’t seem to locate my save game files. I know it’s supposed to be under C:UsersYourNameDocumentsmy gamesNieR_Automata, but I have no such directory. Would anyone happen to know where these files

nier automata save file/save game and using tutorial


Happend to me on xbox and im 4 fucking hours behind where i was. great game but im uninstalling

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Dude thankyou so much.. My dumbass overwrited my savefile good thing your video exists to help me.

tthank you very very mach!! you really saved me))))

It’s was your file game

thank you, it works very well, i recovered my old data from the steam cloud

viejo me salvaste la vida, igual no llevaba mas de 15 horas de juego pero hacer todo de nuevo me iba a dar mucha pereza jajajaaja, muchas gracias bro

you save my life XD

thank u very much thanks to this video i will support the developers and buy the yorha edition u save my 19 hours of gameplay of a magnificent game

Thank you it’s works 🙂


cant run the tool, pls help

work but language change

thanks man life saver

thanx man u hape me

Pake save game Kok ngebug ya gan pas bikin baru lagi pas pertama 2b ngelawan robot pas robot bos yg tinggi kok turunnya ga ketempat arenanya malah ngebug kebawah

Does this make tha crack virsion able to safe?

worked but where is the first mission ?

it works but u dont have to delete at begining

Thanks a lot man!! It’s still great help in 2018.


«Back up your save file»
. what save file? ;-; y’all know why I’m here, I’m just glad I can help someone finish the game as well

I have a problem when typing my name and press enter the game Stop working immediately (does anyone know the solution

@Magix im also looking at this problem and no, i havent found a fix

did u ever find a fix

nothing is working. always going to reCAPTCHA or somthing. i cant download the files..please fix

I hava a strenge question, i have the original game on steam,the original save file without the dlc works on a pirate complete version?

the pirate will use the same save file location on hd?

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How can discard the clones of 2b of the second savegame?

Thanks, totally worked!

its imposible to pass all those pop ups. Cant download save files

Ty vm, I thought I had lost my save file

FUCKING SHRINK ME. Can’t even download the file!

do we need to download both files or the tool is enough please asnwer me.

if you already have a save file, you just need to download tools

Thx man it worked!

Mine is on steam and is a paid, can I use this method?

hei cara o links estao com problema arruma ai por favor obrigado

link work, no problem. please try again

Please help, does anyone have a save file that’s the start of route B or the end of route A? My personal save wont load and I cant stand restarting all over again.

Thanks dude save me alot of time :3

thank you very very much my game file wasnt working anymore after i was done with route b and i couldnt find a good safe game

Sorry but links in description doesn`t work anymore. Do you still have save file from the start of route C? Or maybe author of this video still have it? I would be really thankful for giving me this save file.

NierAutoModSave_en.py not download

All Tentang Gaming does it work for the nier automata day one version cracked?
never mind I tried it and it seems to work . but the last saved game ( city ruins : Near factory) game starts ok but after few seconds screen freeze and game continues running behind it anyway
Thanks mate

open link, klik clone download and klik download zip, I just tried, and can be downloaded

bro where did you download the game bcs i dont have all the files

TheBestCounter u can download game from skidrowreloaded or other cracked game site

thank you !thank you !thank you ! i owe you my life

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