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Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 «Ваши карты»

Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 «YnAMP — Yet (not) Another Maps Pack for Civ6 Alpha .7 (карты земли)»


  • Enormous map size (128×80 = civ5 huge) for all map scripts
  • Giant map size (180×94) for all map scripts
  • Ludicrous Map Size (230×115) for all map scripts
  • Allows to set game with more than 50 Civilizations on the advanced setup screen
  • A conversion of Genghis Kai’s GEM (Hormigas version — Earth of Giant size)
  • A conversion of NiRv4n4’s Europe (Hormigas version — Enormous size)
  • A conversion of Greatest Earth Map by djvandyke (Huge size)
  • Culturally Linked Start Locations for all maps
  • True Starting Locations for the Real World maps
  • Add Ethnicity entries for City States and the forgotten Aztec.


  • Alpha means «need to be tested» and «still a lot’s of things to do», do not use this mod for a serious game yet.


  • The Giant map is way above the size of the Huge map, it may or may not load on your PC (and will take some time to do so)
  • The Ludicrous size is the max map size before the game refuse to load, and will take more than 4-5 minutes to load (or crash)
  • For all size above «Enormous», I’d suggest to lower the textures size in the video option, the game use almost all the 6GB of VRAM of my GPU.

Still I’m not releasing this mod blindly, the Ludicrous size has been tested on a 500 turns game in autoplay with 32 civs without crash on my computer (CPU : i7 4770K, RAM: 16GB, GPU : GTX 980 ti), but I have no idea of the minimal configuration for the Ludicrous or Giant sizes.

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Some data from this test (ludicrous, continent, standard time, barbarians ON, 32 civs):
— total time to reach turn 240 : 03h30, 1 turn takes

2mn at this point
— total time to reach turn 475 : 14h30, 1 turn takes

4mn at this point

Installation :

  • Unzip it to «..DocumentsMy GamesSid Meier’s Civilization VIMods«
  • It should create a folder named «Yet (not) Another Maps Pack»
  • Go in «Additional Content» and activate it by checking the box near «Activate Mod» then click «Back» and launch a game.

known bugs:

  • Culturally Linked Location may fail when too many Civilizations are placed (it happens when the game can’t find enough starting positions on a map for all Civilizations)
  • The max number of players value is set to a low number on the advanced setup screen and is not refreshed when you select one of the Real World map. As a work around, just change the map size for the default mapscript then select the map you want to use

known issues:

  • Barbarians can make turns much longer, this is not so apparent on the game’s normal map sizes but an issue at larger size. I don’t want to change the base game rules too much, but this is on the To Do list.
  • Niter is a new strategic resource in Civ6, it will be placed on the position of Gold when importing a map from civ5
  • If the game crashes or fail to load a map and you have some special characters in your windows user name, try to delete my mod then extract the latest version directly in the «..SteamsteamappscommonSid Meier’s Civilization VIBaseAssetsScenarios» folder. Note that this is a workaround and should not be used to install mods once a patch has resolved the issue.
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Для огромной карты земли нужно сильное железо. С большим количеством цивилизаций на карте земли могут быть проблемы на старте, ИИ может не найти где ему основать город.

Установка: .DocumentsMy GamesSid Meier’s Civilization VIMods

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