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Spider-Man: Web of Shadows «University Empire State»

State university system

A state university system in the United States is a group of public universities supported by an individual state, or a similar entity such as the District of Columbia. These systems constitute the majority of public-funded universities in the country. Each state supports at least one such system.

State university systems should not be confused with federally funded colleges and universities, at which attendance is limited to military personnel and government employees. Members of foreign militaries and governments also attend some schools. These schools include the United States military academies, Naval Postgraduate School, and military staff colleges.

A state university system normally means a single legal entity and administration, but may consist of several institutions, each with its own identity as a university. Some states—such as California and Texas—support more than one such system.

State universities get subsidies from their states. The amount of the subsidy varies from university to university and state to state, but the effect is to lower tuition costs below that of private universities for students from that state or district. As more and more Americans attend college, and private tuition rates increase well beyond the rate of inflation, admission to state universities is becoming more and more competitive.

State Universities and Colleges (Philippines)

State Universities and Colleges (SUC) in the Philippines refers to any public institution of higher learning that was created by an Act passed by the Philippine Congress. These institutions are fully subsidized by the National Government, and may be considered as a corporate body.

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Among the State Colleges and Universities in the country, the University of the Philippines has always been recognized as the nation’s premier university and has likewise been strengthened by law (Republic Act 9500) as the «National University» of the Philippines.


SUCs lamented the Philippine government’s inadequate financial aid. For the 2003-2004, SUCs only had PHP 16.8 billion, and about 40 percent of it went to the University of the Philippines and the Mindanao State University. However, in 2008, the Philippine Congress allotted PHP 20.8 billion in subsidy for the operations of state universities and colleges.

Collectively, SUCs have a student population of approximately 865,000, which means that every student is subsidized by an average of PHP 24,000 per school year. Each Filipino family contributes PHP 1,185 a year to run these schools through their tax payments. Of the total amount, PHP 15.4 billion for the salaries of faculty members and employees.

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