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Stardew Valley получит большое обновление

Для Stardew Valley скоро выпустят апдейт 1.4 — над ним впервые работает больше одного человека

Stardew Valley — детище разработчика-одиночки Эрика Бароуна (Eric Barone). Он трудится над игрой вот уже семь лет, и единственная вещь, ради которой он прибегал к помощи со стороны, — это порты для консолей и мобильных устройств. Все контентные обновления Бароун создавал самостоятельно, пока не настал черёд версии 1.4 — для этого апдейта команда Stardew Valley разрослась аж до трёх человек!

Бароун рассказал о патче в своём блоге. Основная цель обновления — довести игру до состояния, которого разработчик хотел добиться с самого начала производства. Среди ключевых особенностей 1.4 — устранение багов, исправление всяких странных или раздражающих элементов управления, а также охапка улучшений «качества жизни».

Почти каждый аспект Stardew Valley расширится тем или иным образом. Например, дикая наживка раньше была практически бесполезна, а после 1.4 она начнёт давать шанс поймать две рыбы сразу. Другая новинка — уникальное событие для каждой возможной второй половинки. Оно запускается, когда вы женились на персонаже и достигли с ним отношений в 14 сердец. Наконец, на PC введут возможность делать большой скриншот всей своей фермы сразу (или любой другой локации).

По словам Бароуна, подобных мелких изменений в 1.4 полным-полно. Особенно это касается «эндгейма», но разработчик не хочет рассказывать подробности, чтобы не портить сюрпризы.

Версия 1.4 выйдет 26 ноября на PC. До консолей и мобильных устройств (не считая PlayStation Vita) патч доберётся с задержкой в несколько недель. Зато, если всё пойдёт по плану, релиз апдейта на всех оставшихся устройствах случится одновременно — ранее у Stardew Valley с этим были проблемы.

В блоге Бароун обозначил ещё несколько моментов:

• Команда Stardew Valley теперь составляет два человека (вместе с Бароуном). Три человека трудились только над патчем 1.4, а свою будущую игру разработчик снова создаёт в гордом одиночестве.
• Все следующие апдейты для Stardew Valley должны выходить примерно так: сначала PC, а через пару недель — одновременно на консолях и мобильных устройствах.
• Мультиплеер в версии для мобильных устройств не планируется.
• Патч 1.4 должен улучшить производительность на консолях.
• Для Stardew Valley на PS Vita ещё собираются выпустить небольшое обновление, но оно направлено лишь на устранение ошибок — по контенту версия для Vita останется на уровне апдейта 1.2.

Stardew Valley update: What’s new in the latest patch

Here are all the Stardew Valley updates from the bulky expansions to small bug fixes and changes.

Stardew Valley’s friendly farming and earnest town life took root in everyone’s hearts when it released back in 2016. Since then, there has been a slow but steady stream of updates from developer ConcernedApe from the bulky updates to small bug fixes and changes.

Over the past four years, Stardew Valley fans have been treated to a number of updates including the addition of four new farm maps, Stardew Valley’s multiplayer farming, and the incredible 1.4 «Everything Update» that tweaked almost every feature of the game.

Below are all the updates to Stardew Valley in one place. We’ve catalogued each patch and update to the game and have divided them into a handy bar at the top. There have been so many that we’ve also had to create a second page of the farming sim’s previous updates. If you’re looking to make even more changes to your farm, make sure you check our list of the best Stardew Valley mods.

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1.5 Update — Upcoming

(Image credit: Eric Barone)

What will be in the next big free update for Stardew Valley? We don’t know, but ConcernedApe confirmed on Stardew’s 4 year anniversary that there is another content update in the works. The last main updates have been pretty substantial (the Everything update and Multiplayer update) and took quite some time to develop. We probably won’t hear specifics about 1.5 until closer to its release.

One small detail we now know, thanks to a public poll that ConcernedApe ran, is that the next big Stardew Valley update will include a new fruit tree. The people have spoken and bananas are the winner. Does this mean new banana-related food recipes as well? Maybe! Bananas foster. Banana crepes. Banana pudding. Maybe we’re just hungry over here.

Patch 1.4.5

February 11, 2020 — Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue on Windows where the game would initialize incorrectly and start without audio.
  • Fixed an issue where passable objects, such as torches, could block you from attacking enemies that are standing nearby.
  • You can now reclaim the Ancient Seed crafting recipe from Gunther if you donated an Ancient Seed artifact and collected only the seed and not the recipe.
  • Fixed an issue that would allow animals to walk on certain water tiles alongside some bridges.
  • Wallpapers can no longer be used in place of items to be processed into artisan goods.
  • Fixed the Lewis statue letter not granting its reward in the Simplified Chinese localization.

Patch 1.4.4

January 31, 2020 — Bug Fixes

  • Adjusted dropped item pickups so that they’re more responsive for clients in multiplayer and will “rubber band back” to their previous locations less frequently.
  • Adjusted item collection code so that machines tucked in corners can be refilled without using cursor mode.
  • Added Elliott’s 14-heart not properly working in non-English languages.
  • Fixed a data entry issue that caused some fish ponds to use incorrect data.
  • Fixed the Shrimp Enthusiast Shirt applying the wrong shirt artwork.
  • Fixed a softlock when watching the 2nd Fall movie in all non-English languages.
  • Fixed the cursor not appearing in the level up profession selector if the Controller Style Menus option is toggled off while using a controller.
Become a formidable farmer with these Stardew Valley guides

  • Unsuccessfully crafting an unstackable item while already holding an item on your cursor no longer grants you credit for crafting it.
  • Fixed an issue where Garden Pots would consume seeds without planting them if they were planted from more than a tile away.
  • Fixed the color selector sliders on the Farmhand creation screen having incorrect navigation on controller.
  • Fixed the logic for fruit tree obstruction checking the wrong tile.
  • Fixed the dagger swipe sound effect repeating an extra time in multiplayer if another player is in the same area.
  • Krobus will no longer get jealous if you gift characters you’re dating after he moves in.
  • Penny now leaves Garden Pots alone in her 14 heart event.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Sam’s 6 heart event to soft-lock.
  • The game now re-issues the player the Qi’s Challenge quest if they had previously opened the mail, but dismissed it without accepting the quest.
  • Items placed in an ex’s room are now collected and placed in a chest after divorce.
  • You can no longer give away quest items or non-giftable items during the Feast of the Winter Star.
  • Adjusted some NPC gift reactions (Vincent and Jas now dislike Triple Shot Espresso, Dwarf now loves Lemon Stone, and Sam now enjoys concession stand Joja Cola.)
  • Adjusted Desert map so that crab pots placed in the water no longer render incorrectly, and objects can no longer be placed on top of the Desert Trader.
  • Removed Catfish from Willy’s fishing quests during Winter, as it’s impossible to catch one without a Rain Totem.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur on the host when a client connects to a game that was set to Friends or Invite Only that is now being hosted on a platform that doesn’t support those online modes.
  • Fixed incorrectly looping ambient noise in the Deep Woods at night.
  • Fixed an issue where the Japanese localization’s dialogue for a spouse watering your crops would incorrectly show both gender variants of the text.
  • Fixed the Simplified Chinese localization incorrectly showing Sunflower Seeds as a Fall only crop.
  • Removed the ‘
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(Image credit: Concerned Ape)

ConcernedApe is big on avoiding spoilers when releasing notes for big content updates so the blog post announcing the 1.4 everything update has several teases for new content but doesn’t get into details. In the same spirit, we’ll lead off with an overview of the 1.4 update.

Scroll to the next header to see all the detailed (and spoiler-y) notes on all new features and content.

Here are the highlights of the update without spoiling any of the new story content itself:

Further Farming

A new end-game mystery involving an abandoned building.

A new 14-heart event for every spouse
«I wanted to show a little more about what each spouse is up to after marriage, and give you another thing to look forward to after marriage.»

Fish Ponds
A new farm building that allows you to raise fish and harvest a variety of items from them. Most fish will produce roe, which can be processed further in a preserves jar. Some fish produce other things, though, and many also produce secondary items that can be useful.

Four Corners farm map
Four Corners is perfect for the new separate money option in multiplayer, since each farmer can have their own quadrant to live in. But it’s also fun for single player or cooperative farms. Each quadrant has a different perk, but the intruding cliffs reduce your total farming area. Another interesting feature is that the greenhouse, farm cave and pet area are located in the center of the farm.

And more:

  • Over 60 new items, some fun, some practical and some powerful
  • Added 24 new hairstyles, 181 new shirts, 35 new hats, 14 new pants , and 2 new boots
  • Junimo Kart has been almost completely re-done
  • Sheds can be upgraded to double their interior size
  • Added 2 new monsters and 2 new alternative levels to the mines
  • A new type of upgrade at the Blacksmith’s
  • An emote menu for your farmer (default key is Y)
  • You can now stack «big» items like kegs
  • Junimo Note icon pulses when hovering over an item that’s required for a bundle
  • The social tab now keeps track of villagers’ likes and dislikes
  • Your collections tab now keeps track of all the letters you’ve received
  • 14 new music tracks

Below are the full update notes including spoilers for that end-game mystery! We’ve bolded some of the big items to make them easier to pick out.

New content and features

(Image credit: ConcernedApe)

  • Added movie theater unlocked in late game, with related content and features.
  • Added 14-heart events for every spouse.
  • Added new events and dialogue (including a new heart event for Caroline).
  • Added clothing items equipped on the player (replaces former clothing appearance options).
  • Added clothes tailoring and dyeing.
  • Added 24 new hair styles, including bald heads.
  • Added Four Corners farm map (meant for co-op, divides the land into four areas with their own perks).
  • Added Fish Ponds to breed fish and produce items.
  • Added shed upgrade (doubles the interior size).
  • Added cat/dog breeds selectable from the new-character customisation menu or Shrine of Illusion.
  • Added Krobus as a potential roommate if you’re unmarried.
  • Added a desert trader that sells new items.
  • Added Trash Bear to clean up trash around town in year 3+.
  • Added 4 new monster eradication goals & prizes.
  • Added 4 new museum reward levels (for donating 35, 70, 80, and 90 items).
  • Added trash can upgrades purchasable from Clint (gives 15-60% of trashed items’ value as money).
  • Added a new sun room in Pierre and Caroline’s house.
  • Added the ability to perform various emotes through a new menu (default key is ‘Y’).
  • Added a new farm building: Desert Obelisk.
  • Added winter flooring sprites.
  • Added hidden subplot if you’ve turned children into doves. (Spoilers: check the television on Fall 26, then visit the Witch’s Hut for a recurring effect and fish on the Four Corners farm for a one-time effect.)
  • Added experimental support for letting farmhands move buildings. Use the /movebuildingpermission command to toggle between on (farmhands can move any building), owned (they can move their own cabins or buildings they’ve built themselves), or off (default).
  • Added a new trash bin in front of JojaMart.
  • Added map export feature (except on 32-bit Linux), accessed via a button in the options menu or the /mapscreenshot chat command. Screenshots are saved in the appdata folder; click a button in the options screen to open it. When using the command, you can optionally specify a filename and percentage size like /mapscreenshot test 25.
  • Added VSync option. Disabling VSync may improve overall framerate at the expense of frame rate stability.
  • Added an NPC profile accessed through the social tab (tracks birthdays, their liked/disliked gifts as you discover them in-game, etc).
  • Added ‘advanced crafting info’ option which shows more info on the crafting menu (including number of times crafted and the number of each ingredient available).
  • Added OST files for new music tracks.
  • Added new easter egg on the title screen.
  • Junimo Kart has been completely redone and is now actually fun.
  • Dressers can now be used to store clothing, hats, shoes, and rings.
  • When you catch a silver or gold-quality fish, a ‘perfect’ catch now increases the quality by one. (This is the only way to get iridium-quality fish.)
  • You can now put hats on your children (once they can walk).
  • You can now play Elliott’s piano.
  • You can now put gemstones in Junimo huts to affect the color of new Junimos.
  • Divorced spouses no longer attend your wedding.
  • Divorced spouses no longer treat their exes normally during Festivals.
  • Auto-Grabbers now work in the coop too.
  • Successfully parrying a slime attack now prevents the “slimed” debuff.
  • Seaweed can now be foraged along the bottom shore of the tidal pool beach.
  • The adventurer’s guild now sells any boots you already found in mine chests.
  • You can no longer load saves created in a newer version of the game than you have. (This will only affect future versions of the game.)
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