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Super Hero Memory Match: Супергерои памятиигры

Superhero Memory Match

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About Superhero Memory Match


It really is not every day that you get to find and play memory matching games online like the one you are about to be playing right now, a game called Superhero Memory Match where you are going to be matching cards of superheroes, an experience unlike you have had here before, so precisely for that reason we wanted to share it with you all. Of course, we will be using this following part of the article to teach you what to do, so make sure you pay attention!

You click on two cards at a time to flip them around, seeing the image of the superheroes that are on them. If the two cards you have flipped have the same image on them, they get removed and using this method you have to clear the screen of all the cards, because only then you have won the game. You are going to be timed, so give it your all to clear the screen of all the cards as fast as possible, and get more points by doing that.

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Good luck, and when you’re done here, don’t forget to check out any of our other great new games of the day!

Game controls


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Superhero Memory Game Printable Pack

Today’s free printable pack is a memory matching game perfect for young superhero fans, brought to you by our contributor Kim of Life Over C’s

Superheroes are totally loved in our house. All four of my daughters will watch superhero cartoons, beg to watch the movies, buy the toys, play the games. I’ve made superhero learning activities for my older kids before, but my littlest one, who is in special needs preschool, hasn’t had a game just for her. So, I made this Superhero Matching Game with her in mind, though the older kids will definitely be playing it too. (They’ll probably end up monopolising it, so she never gets to actually play…)

Supplies needed for the Superhero Matching Game:

  • Scrapbook paper
  • Laminator
  • Laminating pouches

It is totally optional to laminate the game pieces, but it will make the cards last longer, so the kids can continue playing game after game.

I love to use scrapbook paper when I’m making playing cards or memory games. It makes a cute background for the cards and most importantly, it makes it so the kids can’t see through the cards and cheat.

Of course, if you don’t have scrapbook paper, you can always put some random stickers on the back of the cards to cover up the superheros on the front side.

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If you’ve never played Memory before, it is a very simple game. You turn over two cards at the same time. If they match, you get to keep them and turn over another set of cards to try again.

If they don’t match you turn them back over and it becomes the next person’s turn. Play continues until the cards have all been matched.

If you are playing with a young child, I recommend starting with 3-4 matches and increasing as your child’s abilities grow. If you start with too many options, the game will take a very long time and your child will lose interest. A few easy matches is much better for building confidence than a lot of matches that the child struggles to find.

Click the above link and save the PDF file, you will then be able to print it out at home.

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