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Surviv.io: Битва в лесуигры

Surviv.io (Survivio)

Surviv.io is one of the most popular battle royale browser games, alongside Zombs Royale and Yohoho.io.

How to play Surviv.io

Surviv.io is classic battle royale, with basic survival at its core. You start with nothing and fight your way through the game, taking down other players and scoring loot. Find and arm yourself with a weapon and some ammunition to get ahead. Use consumables to replenish your health and adrenaline levels. Think tactically and play cautiously – once you die there’s no respawn.

Login through one of your social media accounts to unlock your own personalized stats, quests and loadout.

Game modes

Battle royale is the only game mode in Surviv.io. This is a game mode where the play area shrinks, creating a red no-go zone around the map. As a result, players are forced closer to the middle, where the fight gets more intense.

Surviv.io can be played solo, duo, or in a squad (4 players).


There are many weapons you’ll come across in Surviv.io. The main weapon categories are as follows:

  • Pistols
  • SMGs
  • Shotguns
  • Assault rifles
  • LMGs
  • DMRs
  • Sniper rifles

There are numerous weapons in these categories, all with their own stats, which can be found as loot throughout the map.


There are also perks in the game, which are found by looting or acquired through player roles. Perks give you special abilities like health regeneration and greater adrenaline. There are many more perks, which can be used to your advantage throughout the game.


The goal of surviv.io is to be the last player standing. You only live once per game — there is no respawn!

If you’ve played other battle royale games like PUBG, Fortnite or H1Z1, then you’re already halfway there! Think of surviv.io as 2D PUBG (with slightly less desync and more chicken).

You’ll begin the game with no items other than a simple backpack. Move around the map to find loot: weapons, ammo, scopes, and medical items. Eliminate other players and you can take their loot!

Players aren’t the only thing that can hurt you. The deadly red zone will move in from the sides of the map and deal increasingly greater damage if you stand in it. Keep an eye on the map and stay safe.

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What’s New!

Fairly Lethal

Advances in heat-based proximity detection have allowed the advent of throwable Mines – now available as grenades in all normal sims. As some unfortunate test subjects have learned: “If blinking stops, the payload pops”. Tread lightly, Survivrs. Item R&D is ongoing.

Anonymous Survivrs can now engage in Missions, earn Season gear, peruse the Crate catalog, and explore Loadouts. NOTE: To equip new gear, customize Battletag, and order Crates, please take a moment to register with PARMA authorities using [ SIGN IN ].

To Measure is to Manage

To accelerate training efforts, Post-Battle Results now provide rankings, kill and damage stats, and an Opponent Profile to scope your competitors with. A prepared Survivr is a deadly one. After hours of R&D, your Battle Interface has been updated to optimize proficiency, and Emotes are now easier to use.

To facilitate Mission awareness and Season progress, Mission Updates now show In-Battle; in your Map, a Mission List displays progress, and Mission Beacons mark potential progress points. Happy hunting!

Season 2 Has Arrived

With a great many updates! Including:

Complete Challenges to advance through 30 new Season Levels . Diligent Survivrs will earn epic new rewards.

A fresh KHI contract allows PARMA to ship personal crates to Survivrs. Level-up your pass to earn Golden Potatoes . Use them to open PARMA Crates for gear you’ve missed.

R&D authorizes a newly optimized training schedule. While no Seasonal Event is active, Modes will now cycle daily , as follows. MON: Cobalt (Squad), TUE: Potato (Duo), WED: 50v50, THU: Woods (Solo), FRI: Desert (Duo), SAT: 50v50, SUN: Savannah (Solo).


The Savannah has returned with a new perk to help flush snipers out of position.

The Closer Perk throws grenades much farther, allowing you to put Snipers on the move.

Keep Your Enemies Closer

PARMA recognizes this season of togetherness and generously offers to help rivals resolve their differences. The all new Heart Cannon diffuses damage taken from your frenemies. For groups of future friends, the same effect is achieved with the all-new Heart Grenade .

If you do not trust the intentions of your new friends, eat an entire box of chocolates to counter the effect of Heart Weapons .


Try to be the last survivor of a ruthless Battle Royale in the game Surviv.io. Like a 2D’s Fortnite or PUBG, you will have to explore a large map looking for weapons, ammo and bonuses in order to eliminate every opponent who has the misfortune to cross your path. As the game progresses, the «safe» zone will be reduced and to stay alive it will be imperative to move and make sure to be in the circle shown on the mini-map. You will also be able to see in real time the number of remaining survivors in your game. Be smart and ruthless to hope to finish at the first place!

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How to play Surviv.io?The goal of surviv.io is to be the last player alive. You only have one life per game, if you die, you will not reappear! At the start of the game you will be dropped on an island with around fifty other players and only your fists to fight. The map is littered with weapons, armor, useful items, and ammo that you will need to try to retrieve for a better chance to survive. Move carefully and try to eliminate other players so that you can get their items. Survive as long as possible while staying in the safety zone.

What are the game modes of Surviv.io?The three main game modes of Surviv.io are the single player mode, in which players will fight for each other, the duo mode which will allow you to be grouped with a friend or another player to cooperate and the squad mode which will bring together 4 players in the same group and whose victory will be collective and awarded to the last living team. Many temporary game modes regularly appear, they generally last a few days or weeks and offer new and original game rules.

What are the best weapons in Surviv.io?Surviv.io currently contains 112 weapons: 71 rifles, 7 grenades and 34 melee weapons. According to numerous comparisons, two weapons stand out in particular. The M249 is characterized by high damage per second, very good accuracy but above all very good damage against the covers, it is the ultimate anti-camper weapon. The Saiga-12 is arguably the most powerful weapon in the game, it will allow you to eliminate players before they even have time to hurt you! It’s a rather rare weapon but coupled with red ammunition it will be of incomparable efficiency.

Who is the best Surviv.io player?Surviv.io offers a ranking of the best players detailed daily, weekly and of all time. You will be able to see which player has made the most kill, damage and the number of victories, in solo, duo or special modes.

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Who is the developer of Surviv.io?Surviv.io was originally developed by Justin Kim, Nick Clark and Magma. The game was then bought by Kongregate, Justin and Kim having left the project, Magma is currently the only developer.


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